“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” (Isaiah 26:3).

Today we will look to the continuation of our previous devotional where we shared on God’s plan. We need to agree at this point that every man has plans, especially for tomorrow. Alot on securing a better future for themselves, have heard fiends say they use to pray for thei unborn children and even call them by their names. These are all very good.

My heart draws a little back to the garden of Eden during the fall that after man fell and they both knew that they are naked, scriptures said that “and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons (things to gird about)” Gen 3:7. Here we see man made for themselves aprons! Man made his own agenda, a way out. And we find out later that God clothed them with animal skin (Gen 3:21). Many are so strong to their plans that they feel “Lord, this is the best Lord, let us follow it” No! We get it all wrong when we feel we have the best plans for our lifes. If He is the Beginning and the Ending then we must consist in Him that has the beginning and the ending of all things. We must learn not to craft empty future for ourselves but rather we must seek to know what the will of the Lord is. Now are you saying I should not plan my life? Bluntly yes! Then how? Even when you plan learn to take your plans to Him (and not as to show Him that this is final Lord but let it be in submission of the heart and learn also to allow His final take on the matter.
We must grow to a point where all our final take must be Him and not our so decorated ideas and plans.

Now am sure you will ask how does this go with our text, then here is it! Alot of us we plan because of fears for tomorrow, alot have no peace at all for their so call tomorrow. The truth is many of us need to have peace about all things. The secret of peace is staying on the Lord as our text reveals; by staying on Him with His word and also in communion with Him.

These are very key to having peace in the Lord! Infact scriptures says PERFECT PEACE. Many of us still pray and because the situation has not changed we move from OUR FAITH LEVEL IN PRAYERS TO DOUBT LEVEL IN THOUGHTS and you know God said if we are to receive any thing at all then we must not waver in faith to dount, no double minded man ever received anything from Him. We must learn to pray and not doubt. Its all waste if I pray then after some minutes I give in doubt.

Peter asked (prayed) to the Lord so he may also walk on water but later he was found shifting in faith. We must have an obtainable peace of God. WHAT WE MAKE OR CALL OUR TOMORROW (WILL ALWAYS MAKE US FEAR (think on this till you understand). What will help us as believers is to learn to put our minds to stay on Him especially on His word and prayers. So, we see that this is an assurance of Him keeping us in pefect (complete) peace as we stayed on Him. Communion also means fellowship. When we communion with Him, fellowship with Him then are we taking great steps to stay our minds on Him.

Peace is what we find thereafter in this. Peace in all things; even in your marriage, finance; stability in God etcc. Peace is sure (gauranteed) IF we stay on Him today!

Written By: Tope Akinyele