School of the Spirit (Aguda) (3rd Feb, 2015).

*Pst. Clever leading prayers*
Let’s trust God that we will come into so much knowledge, and fear will totally disappear.The Lord should help us do away with things that dispose us to the devil, and that we come into love this season. Let’s pray that we will truly lay hold on the person of God.

Let’s pray for mercy for our hearts so that we can get to where we can trust God for everything. The greatest sin of man is fear. The birds of the air even have faith. The devil is the pillar of fear. Perfect love casts out fear (1John 4:18). There’s always something man is afraid of. The devil knows what to touch to make us afraid. If there’s no fear in us, we’d be so free to serve. Let’s trust God to open more vaults of love. Words will come today that will take out fear from us. Amen.

*Charge by Pst. Danladi*

“We’ll follow You to the end. We’ve set our lives on this journey and withersoever You go, we will go”.
It’s getting sweeter and sweeter; it’s getting deeper and deeper. All the heavens are calling us. We have escaped the snare of the fowler because the Lord has been our help. We are being delivered from the shackles the enemy has bound our souls with.  You can sense your soul migrating. What we are being taught is “how to go”. Everything tried to hold Jesus back. The temptations Jesus faced were to hold Him back, but the Father kept Him by His revelation. There’s been so much escape for us. “He that has begun a good work in us will also perfect it.” (Phil. 1:6); that’s our surety. Let’s begin thank Him.

John 16:23-24
“And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

God is purging us from the love of this world. “For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God” (John 16:27). All these struggles to obey is a form of love. The Father is taking account of every love walk we are able to press out. He knows this is a high vocation; it is a call higher than the realm of man or angels. The Father can turn dust into that which is divine; He’s not afraid; He wants us to know that He appreciates us.

He has a reward, and the reward is Him. I sense many of us have pressed out some quantum of love in our secret, and the Father is almost reaching a critical mass. He is calculating the “pressing out” of love walk we are engaged in. I sense for some of us, the count is almost done. You don’t believe it? Keep on; In the face of contradictions and pain, we press! “Weeping may endure in the night but Joy cometh in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). Joy is a person; Joy is the Father.

All those apostles knew what those 7 thunders uttered, and walked in them, but they were not permitted because of time and dispensation; It’s for a selected people, because of mercy and grace. The “7 thunders” is the parable of the Father; they uttered that parable. All the teachings of Jesus were the parables of the Father which He hid. The fact that we have found these teachings is not because we are super-individuals; it’s mercy. God has kept the best wine for the last, and we need to be excited, hungry and desperate. What the Son is doing is to make the Being (Father) plain. We will understand the interpretation of those 7 thunders; it’s our realm: we didn’t pray for it; they chose us. ‘After that the mystery of God will be completed and time will be no more’ (Rev. 10:7); This is the manner of men we should be: looking for and hastening for that day (2 Pet. 11-12).

Revelation 1:10 
“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet”

The full manifestation of the Godhead will be seen in our time and dispensation: It’s something to be broken for, weep for and be grateful for, and not be proud. Let’s give our hearts to these things in spite of our frailty and infirmities.

“The zeal of thine house has consumed me” (Psalm 69:9): You will see men eaten up by the zeal of the house of God; our tongues would have been so blessed because of what we’ve seen, and a man would be describing a mystery which other men will understand. “And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest” (Heb. 8:11).

Let us purify and set our hearts for this journey and high vocation they’ve called us into. I don’t want to weep and gnash my teeth. Let’s pray: We all know where we are; let’s call for help: Help us Lord. We will come into this Joy, this Love and this Beloved; You will help and bless us with much more seals. You will speak plainly of Your Father, who is also our inheritance to us. We are heirs of God! Make it plain Lord; that utterance may be given. Pour grace on us, Oh Lord.

Introduction by Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu…

The school of the Spirit is the school of liberty. It’s liberty being communicated to us here. God has prepared a package of liberty for everyone this morning. None of us will miss out of what the Lord has prepared (Amen!).

*Message begins*
Ministering: Rev. Kayode Oyegoke

You are the Lord; You are the King.
Ancient of Days: Mighty God.
Oh oh oh Emmanuel; God is with us.

Rev. Kayode singing spontaneously…

Mighty God You’re with me.
La la la la You’re in me.
La la la la You’re in me.
You surround me.
I worship the Lamb; You are the joy in my soul; Lamb of God.
You’re the strength of my heart.
Bright and morning star.
I am that I am.
Alpha and Omega; Beginning and the End

Immortality dwelling in the light
Invisible, eternal and Only wise God
The only potentate.
I love Your appearance; Elohim my King.
Maranatha: I love Your appearance; Appear now.

Tongues and Interpretation 1
There are many gates that have been set before you that you need to come into. There are many entrances before you, and doors that you must enter. In Me are riches; glorious riches. In Me are substances and durable riches: things that endure and last forever; things that are locked up in Me. I will give access to those that look for it, and access to those that come with humble and broken hearts. You need more meekness; these doors that are opened are low doors.

They are doors that the lofty man can’t find, neither can the haughty eyes see it. These doors are hidden; they are closed up in My Spirit, but to you, they are doors for an entrance. These doors I will open before you, even doors that are low: doors that are hidden and that can’t be seen by men; but I will open it to you. As you search; as you seek; as you hunger; knock to come in. I’m the guarantee that these doors that stand before the Father are open. I will stand and purge; I will stand and cleanse, and no one will come in that is filthy. I will bring My cleansing; in My blood are cleansing reagents. In Me are what will cleanse you. As you approach, I will first cleanse you. I stand to cleanse you.

Tongues and Interpretation 2
Have I not said I will stand as the refiners’ fire and as a purifier of silver and gold? I will purge the sons of Levi. I will purge you of your sins, your past, your natural mind and the things that make you err and go astray. My eyes can see them and behold them. I will purge your sins. I will purge all your sins and you will be made white. You will be whole; you will be holy, and you will stand before me, white.

Tongues and Interpretation 3
I’m the blessing, and I’m blessing you with Myself. I’m the blessing. It’s blessing! It’s the blessing that makes you pure. It’s the blessing that makes you holy and stand before Me: even the blessing I have to bless you. I will bless you.

Message continues…
We are all privileged to be here. This centre is a centre for sinners. I’m so glad I’m here, among those who God wants to cleanse. I want to be cleansed. I’m going to respond to the Holy Ghost to make sure this cleansing is fully done. I’m in the season of being favoured.

Those sins have ties to your enemies; they are the workings of your enemies, and they still hold us and accuse us. It’s Jesus covering us in Heaven. If Heaven were to adhere to the accusers, we wouldn’t be here. The devil is a bad and old lawyer in the spirit.

There’s this story of a case against the government, about a land dispute. The government got one very young and intelligent lawyer to argue the case. The young lawyer was very intelligent. The man who sued the government to court had an old lawyer for his defence. This old lawyer brought some old cases to the judge who got interested and became lost in discussion with him (old lawyer), that he (judge) forgot about the young and intelligent lawyer. When the old lawyer was leaving the court, after the end of the court session, he went to the young intelligent lawyer and said; “Experience counts”.

Intelligence is different from experience; you’re dealing with an old trickster who has experience. God has raised for us a competent Saviour and advocate (Jesus) with His own experience. This advocate was logos before Satan came. He was made flesh and went back into Godhood. Someone is standing for us; these are certain realms.

Hebrews 10:13
“From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool”

There’s a connection between Him (the Lord) and His enemy being made His footstool. When we do sins, we are installing the enemy. If Jesus’ purging alone was the answer, He would have gone to sit; but we need to receive the forgiveness of sins and the purging and redemption of sins called “Eternal redemption”.

This redemption is stored in the wisdom of God; He obtained freedom from sins. You can’t separate freedom from the power of Satan, except we’ve learnt to receive power over sins. This begins with the ministry of the word of God which has the ability to build you up. The word of His grace will build you (Acts 20:32).

Many people are afraid of “sin teaching”. I used to be afraid of our church those days; the messages were brutal. Your face would be long and gloomy, wondering how you’d make it to heaven after church.

There’s a whole load of sins God is interested in. God’s flesh was torn; He suffered on the cross to deal with this same sin. Don’t excuse yourself, cultivate hatred. Keep hating till hatred for it is complete. Sins are in degrees; just as we have evil spirits in their classes and they carry out different functions. When you overcome the spirit, you overcome the path, and when you overcome the dragon, you overcome the life. Lord, cut those things completely: Purge me till my mind is clean.

There’s a remedy we’d be open to. “To open their eyes, turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins” (Acts 26:18). It’s power of Satan that makes us commit sin. Receiving forgiveness of sins is deliverance from the power of Satan. The word is to ‘receive’. You won’t see the ‘how’ of receiving, till deliverance takes place. This is an inscription from spirit. “Power of Satan” in that scripture is strength which is issues from the law of sin and death. This law has to be broken.

“….their sins and iniquities will I remember no more” (Heb. 8:12). The writing in hearts is the remission of sins. Jesus purged my sins, but He needs to remit it in my soul.

Psalms 45:1
“My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

“King” in this scripture refers to Jesus. His glory came when He resurrected from the dead. This King (Jesus) has more glory and honour than Moses. His tongue is a pen of a ready writer. Tongue is a two edged sword that writes in my mind and heart. Jesus has got the sword of the Spirit; He’ll write all of us. He’ll take our hearts and minds, and remit everything. Keep hearing this word.

Matthew 11:27
“All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him”

You can’t know the Son except by the Father. If I don’t know the Son, how can I know the Father? There’s a period where the Father will be revealing the Son to me and at such a time, I don’t know the Father Himself yet. Trinity don’t talk about themselves; they bear witness. Jesus won’t talk about Himself: The Father will talk to me about Jesus; that’s the mystery of the Godhead.

There’s a law of lowliness and meekness. We will get to a place where we won’t talk about ourselves. Our testimonies are actually the bragging about of our own abilities; then at the end of it, you put; “Glory to God”; after claiming all the glory. The trinity are too gentle to even collect your boast from you. They wouldn’t even tell you They are the ones that helped you.

If you’re ready to come into the fellowship of the trinity, you’re going to have to break through into their world. There’s no boast in the Trinity. The Father has left His revelation for the Son. They don’t know how to reveal themselves. He would have done it to angels or even Moses. Moses tried to see Him, and He told Moses to come to the mountain so that He’d show Himself since it’s His attitude to show Himself. It takes some kind of power to show one’s self. The trinity always hide. It’s a highly divine status: It’s also shamefacedness. Some persons don’t have shame; they are bold. You should not pour out all your goods: at times, you can develop a skill to dodge ministrations. For some, they have been waiting for the opportunity to minister. Tell God, ”God, Take me to the place where I’m nothing”.

Out of such weakness, anointing flows. When power, anointing and glory rests on you, it’s good to be broken, If not, you won’t be a sacrifice. When you’re too together or too confident, it’s not good; you would be rolling out on your own, not allowing God to take glory.

Some people are very happy when they are told to minister: They’d say ”My day has come”. No, ministry isn’t like that. Your boldness should always be God’s mercy.

Unveiling the Son is the Father’s responsibility. Once, I wanted to pray, I began by saying ”Lord Jesus…”. He stopped me and said, ”Keep quiet; talk to My Father, for I’ve introduced you to My Father”. The trinity enjoy fellowship. You can pray to the Father and yet you do not know Him. You can pray to the Father without knowing Him: It’s a different prayer level when you pray after knowing Him. God has answered many prayers without knowledge because it’s the prayer rule He gave us. We believed in the soul and that’s enough for us to raise prayers: even our love towards the saints is enough to generate prayers. The Father is able to hear by faith without the inbuilt of their (trinity) person in us. But without their persons in us, we are limited in prayers. We will enter into the vast spiritual realm as we begin to know Them. They want to reveal Themselves to us. They will reveal Themselves.

Matthew 11:25
“At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes”

”Babes” here are not babes in Christianity. A baby is he who is empty: a fool and an helpless being. Jesus said; ”Peter, a time is coming when you’d be mature and you’ll be led where you do not want to go (John 21:18): that’s maturity. That you know where to go is immaturity. Maturity is doing what you don’t want to do. It’s an immature man that will go and start ministry without waiting for a leading. When one knows what to do, he/she will not be able to fulfil this order of ministry. God visits those who cry helplessly. When it’s a lamb, the cry is unique; it tells that the crier needs help.

Don’t feel complete in yourself; always know that you need someone to help you. God is against you believing in yourself. “I’m not sure of myself; how then can I believe in me?”: Self is useless. Is this statement, “Believe in yourself”, in the Bible? We shouldn’t believe in ourselves. A time is coming you’d know you’d never believe in yourself.

The trinity reveal themselves to babes and sucklings. This babe is different from the babes who are immature Christians; believers who can clamp down churches. Kenneth Hagin talked of one who gave up going to church because someone took his seat. A matured man can hang by the door. Some celebrities like to be celebrated everywhere; even in the church. I don’t want to be a man of God who can’t ride on a motorcycle.

Matthew 11: 28-29
“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls”

You’re laden with burdens when you don’t know the Son. Your meeting with the Trinity takes away your heavy laden. Laden is removed as they begin to unveil themselves to you. Their revelation takes out weight from you. There’s no deliverance from this world except I know the Son. Any man that hasn’t known the Son has the yoke of this world upon him or her. Such men will till the earth. Spirits have burdened us to be slaves already; it’s a yoke we love to carry and to fulfil. I bear a yoke when I say ”I’m too busy to learn the Son”.

The yokes of Satan are sweet and lovely to us. Satan has burdened us by our yokes by buying our allegiance through some beautiful transactions. There’s always a trade: “Can you do this? This reward will come”. Such a trade will be your entire life on earth; and you won’t be off it. This should not be the principle of life.

The principle of life that guides the burdening of an animal in irrigation is to defeat faith.

Satan has sown fear to us, to keep us so busy. Have you seen a beast of burden looking up? No, their affections are always down (dead). Jesus is saying ”I want to raise you up; to deliver you from your yoke and burden. I want you to stand on your feet so you won’t use your four hands to walk”. To stand on your feet means resurrection; you’d be standing and walking, not creeping.

You can’t stand till you see how it’s done. You have to come to Him for deliverance. The two entities are the Father and the Son. You can’t come to the Father except you’ve learnt of the Son. It’s not possible to come to the Father, you will have to arrive at the Son’s state first. When you’ve arrived at the Son’s state, you’ve learnt of the knowledge of the truth.

The labour is in ”ploughing the earth”. We have different ploughing machines. When God wants to deliver us from the labour of men to make us true labourers of the kingdom, He’d introduce is rest.

Matthew 11:29
“Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find REST unto your souls’

Rest in this context is a preparation. You need some faith to learn this next level; because it’s from rest to rest. You won’t have rest till you come. It is until you come that you’d be delivered from your labour and you’d be given rest.

Jesus’ yoke is that you ”Learn”. His yoke is different from the yoke of humans. The wages of sin is death; not just the wages of fornication. Sin is a lifestyle outside faith. Anything you do outside the faith of God is sin, and the wages of that life is death: you will reap corruption and won’t enter into life. Can we supernaturally beat sin and do works higher than sin? Sin strategies men to work under it. It has a labour outside faith that is crafted under it. The labour of unbelief is a life of sin. Not living by faith is obeying sin.

I’m labouring, and my life is invested in a reward that I am carnally sure of. Every of those animals that tread the corn has reward: As he treads it, he eats. The labour here is inability to walk in the life in the Spirit. A true labourer labours in the Spirit. A sin labourer labours outside the Spirit; he lives his life for a reward not of the Spirit. One who just got born again has not seen more than an unbeliever. When your hope, joy and your end is to be big and have the reward that “grass” celebrates, that’s sin. Such a person does not have the ability and power to interpret life beyond that .