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Today’s Devotional

Apostle Paul shares with us in 1 Corinthians 15:58 a very important principle for living. If we must successfully live as God has designed us to live, we should learn this principle. Our life can only become better when we subject ourselves to scriptural principles and doctrines.
He says,

1. Be Steadfast

2. Be unmoveable

3. Always abounding in the work of the Lord, and
He then tells us that our labour IN THE LORD shall not be in vain.

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E-book: Fellowship of Prayer.

Fellowship of Prayer, a book co-authored by Oliyide Ayotunde and Tope Akinyele is a manual written to help you have a balanced prayer life. It will help you develop an effective and efficient prayer life. Prayer is not a burden, rather, it is our response to God’s love for us and it’s our responsibility to commune with the one who loves us.

Feel free to read and share with friends, neighbors, and relatives. God bless you as you read, we know that you’ll be surely blessed.

Oliyide Ayotunde.
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This is Kingdom People Network. We are dedicated to bringing more clarity to our understanding of the scripture and helping us find grace to live accurately as designed by God.

We have resources that would always be a blessing to you and anyone who visits this place. We have prayed for you and are dedicated to praying with all our friends and partners who visit this page. We are also positioned to help you understand certain scripture discussions at our beckoning.

As much as we guarantee this place to be a blessing to you, we also enjoin you to feel free to explore, visit as oft as you can and also share with your friends and loved ones. Matters that are unclear may be reported to the administrator and also feedback can also be directed to us. Your comments are very important to us. It shows how much God has reached you through our works. So, we would like to read your comments as much as we know you’re blessed by reading.

Yours in Christ,
Oliyide Ayotunde

7 thoughts on “Home

    1. I hope you found this place a source a of wisdom?
      It’s good to know you visited and found time to read. You may make references to people such that they would also become blessed by resources here. Thanks for stopping by. Do visit as time permits you.

  1. i was glad to read of a post yesterday from this group on God’s image.. someone shared it on whats app. Rich and edifying though i could not lay my hand on it on the blog… More grace… Tayo Fasan

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