…we Seek the Lord's Kingdom Come…..

About Us

This is the Kingdom People Network blogspot. We are Kingdom Minded and Kingdom Focussed. We discuss and write mainly on how to accurately be a part of God’s Kingdom. The focus here is on how to live a better life as a believer and how to have a perfected walk with God.

I believe so much on the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ which has been made available to us so we can walk worthy of the salvation wherewith we’ve been called into. We are not under the Law but under Grace. The Law speaks judgement and by extension condemnation, but the Grace speaks salvation and by extension justification. And this is the promise of the Father, to bring us into eternal life and peace by justification which is of faith and salvation which is of Grace.

So, Grace and Truth, Grace and Peace, Grace and Mercy….. is being ministered to us as we with meekness and humility follow the leadings of the spirit.


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