It’s time you woke up to your true identity
You’re not a bastard, neither are you a vagabond.
You’re a child of God, heir apparent to the Kingdom.
Made anew, born of the incorruptible word of God.

You’ve been acting and living in ignorance,
You’re not who the devil wants you to be
You’d better come back to your senses
And return to the waiting hands of your Father.

Though you wasted your allocations,
You’re not a vagabond
Though you went far from the Father,
You’re not a slave.

You’re a son, son of the living God
Christ being a joint heir with you,
He’s also your faithful advocate
You’re a son, a born is a born.

God loves you much more than you’ve hated Him.
He is faithfully waiting for you to turn back.
Oh what a joy, the lost child is found again
Alas, he that was dead is risen again.

Oliyide Ayotunde©®