…we Seek the Lord's Kingdom Come…..

Inspiratational Quotes

Marriage is Faith

Marriage is faith. Even if you enter certain, you can’t walk through certain. The married ones must live by FAITH. Faith will produce unending love!

Judgement in Love

I’m as weak as you say I am. And I’m as strong as you say I am. My strength lies in your trust and Judgement of me and so does my weakness. However, in any way, let love guide your judgement.

Love Heals all Injuries

Although it takes time for an injury to heal, it will only take split seconds when LOVE is applied. Love heals permanently all injuries. Let’s love, let’s live.

The Future is Bright

The Day is bright. The Future is Bright. We have come into the Light for we have His brightness. We need to approach each day with Christ in sight, for He will shine His light in our hearts again.

Best Option, Right Option

Most times, the best option is not the right option and at other times, the right option is not the best option. Circumstances determine what’s right and what’s best.

Oliyide Ayotunde

In Love…
“When you love, you don’t loose. Flesh tells you ‘you have lost’. When you love, you go out of yourself to do that which is not convenient. You gain!

i want to win God, I want to win Christ. You don’t loose when you forgive, you don’t loose when you suffer long. You loose when you have your way; when you have your say.
You loose when you hold your right, because your right is your righteousness not God’s righteousness.


ONE IS GAINING RICHEOUSNESS WHEN ONE DIES. This is what faith teaches (faith of the son teaches you to die)”.
– Rev. Helen Oyegoke


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