​My Devotion:
Abraham at 75 years could boast of his ability to be a father but the Lord intentionally caused a delay. At 86, through the advice of his wife tested his ability to produce and fund out he has the ability, but that was not to be the promise of the Father.

Human efforts can produce results, but they may not be in agreement with the intent and purposes of God for our lives. Many times, these human self driven efforts usually work in contrast to the will of God.

Abraham would have been relieved to know that he is not the problem, but perhaps, Sarah was. But he maintained the love and commitment he had for the marriage and for God. Sarah must have felt really depressed in that she is the reason why her husband couldn’t have a child. But that didn’t make her commit suicide or live in depression all her life. They (Abraham and Sarah) pressed on in Faith, fully committed to God.

Alas, none of them is the problem and really the both of them are the problem. Confusing? Let me explain. Abraham has potential to give birth, and Sarah also was not the reason she couldn’t give birth, God is. Secondly, they are the problem because they only wanted a child, God wants much more than a child. The desire of God is to give them a seed, a seed that can be sowed and will end up bringing forth the divine seed, Christ Jesus.

Many times, what we go through might be divine arrangements of God to bring you into divine plan and purposes and until you align perfectly to it, you may not fully appropriate God’s blessings in that aspect of life.

At 99 and 89, they both knew that our efforts and abilities are not needed again to bringing forth the promise of the Father, and now they can both fully submit themselves to the leading, help and workings of the Spirit for to bring forth a seed. Circumcision at that age is equal to being born again, repenting from self and turning to God. And at the fullness of time, the promise of the Father, Isaac was born.

All you need do is key in to the promise of the Father and diligently wait for Him. Just like the disciples gathered for about 50 days praying and waiting in one accord as Jesus had instructed them to wait in Jerusalem until there is a release of power by the Holy Ghost. And when the fullness of time came, there was a release. There is divine timing and that is important for us to know and note. So, what do we do while we wait? Keep praying, stagger not at the promise, hope against hope, develop a strong faith, know fully well that He who promised is able to do it, and don’t be tired of waiting for they that endure till the end shall be saved. Amen.