My Devotion:

Abel was killed by his brother who afterwards went out of the presence of God and built a city. In his might and power, he thought to have done that and named the city after his son, Enoch (not the Enoch that was translated having worked with God). Yet, in the scheme of eternal relevance, Cain amounts to nothing but was described as a fornicate, yet Abel was in comparison to Christ as sacrifice who blood cries for something(vengeance).

Ishmael had grown to become a nation even when Isaac born much more later by the spirit of God was still struggling to find his purpose and relevance. Even after marriage, he would wait for many years before his wife, Rebecca could conceive after which she bare twins. Yet, in the scheme of eternal relevance, Isaac is the promised child, and a carrier of God’s blessing passed from Abraham.

Jacob was God’s choice, Esau wasn’t. Jacob was struggling to be a man of his own even when Esau though not the carrier of the blessing had become a nation and waxed exceedingly strong and rich. Jacob would expect that in his rreturn he can give lots of gift to his brother to appease him, but it wasn’t to be accepted because he had much more. Yet, in the scheme of eternal relevance, Esau would be remembered as a fornicator, while God was proud to be the God of Jacob.

My thought therefore is, what makes a man eternally relevant? Wealth, riches, fame, power, affluence or what? If your life is not directed, controlled and driven by the divine WILL, it will amount to nothing. In God is our life properly defined and aligned. Heaven really honours and respect the poor wound infested Lazarus that the rich man. It’s not the poverty that qualified him, neither was the riches the reason for rejecting the other, but how they factored in God and before God.

If God is not your source, it doesn’t matter how great and beautiful it is, it will not matter in eternity. Live for God. Live in God. Live God. Live eternity.