​My devotion:

Reading through Zachariah 1, I noticed in verse 11 the response to the angel of the Lord, …”we have walked to and fro through the earth, and, behold, all the earth sitteth still, and is at rest.”

This is kind of weird to me. We know that the earth was not still, neither was it without wars, shootings and chaos, but truth is, in the realm of God, things are perceived very differently. In Isaiah 6 vs 3, the angels of the Lord declared that “the whole earth is full of glory.” My conclusion is God sees the whole picture and He is not really bothered about the so called chaos on earth because all things are working together to fulfil the grand plan.

Next time you think of your problems as too big for you and the overwhelming effects, look to see what God thinks about the situation. He’ll always tell you be still, all things are working together for your good, because you love the Lord and you’re the called according to His divine purpose. Really, your life is full of His Glory. Hallelujah!