Early morning thought

Satan, the tempted took Jesus to three plains to tempt Him but Jesus came out victorious.

First to the base of the earth, to turn stones to bread. Jesus responded by saying, man should live by what to eat alone, but life is better lived by the every proceeding word of God.

Secondly, the tempted took him to religious height, to the pinnacle of the church, where signs and wonders are supposedly appreciated. And Jesus showed him that the will God is ultimate, not the will of man, and that man cannot and should not tempt God through his will for the spectacular.

Lastly, Satan took him to another plain, an exceeding high mountain, and encouraged Jesus to bow for to receive glory, butt Jesus rebuked him and retorted that Only God shall we now to in worship. And so, the devil was defeated.

The Symbolism

The First temptation is symbolic of a life at its base. It typifies a man who just wants to survive and the best of his desire is to eat, have a shelter, and put of cloths. At this stage, there is temptation to look for short cut to satisfying these desires. The devil always want man to live in the temporal at the expense of the eternal. Stones are solids that has capacity to last long, while breads are only sufficient for the day and it will perish.

Jesus taught us not to labour for bread that perished, and not to labour for meat that cannot satisfy. John 6:27. In another teaching, He warned us not to take thoughts about what we shall eat, drink and what we shall put on. And He summed it up by saying, “take no thought for tomorrow…” having advised that we should “seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness….” If all our love’s desire is based on what the “Gentiles seek”, then we will be susceptible to the temptation of the devil.

The second temptation is symbolic of attaining or desiring to attain religious climax or peak. Many times, the people more respcted and called great men of God are those who seeming perform miracles or do the spectacular. And so many have been tempted with such and have been carried away by this crafty wiles of the devil. We desire to do the spectacular at the expense of process, building, training and rightful development. We want to blossom without bearing fruit. Many love to move in the angelic without proper understanding of scriptural injunctions.

The disciples of Jesus once told Him to show Himself if truly He’s got the power to do miracles but He rebuked them and told them there is an appointed time. He was much more devoted to building the people by teaching and miracle followed afterwards. Doing miracle, signs and wonders could be a very big trap we must avoid as children of God. Don’t fall to that. I’ve heard many people say, ‘if the Holy Ghost would not move, move the Holy Ghost.’ That looks and sounds good but may be susceptible to another kind of spirit. Let God lead you, not the devil.

And lastly, the devil took Jesus to an exceeding high mountain and showed him the glory of this world such that if He bows to him, he will give him the glories. Truth is, we seek to get to the pinnacle, zenith, peak of our career, but they which means. The desire to be the best in the world can lead men into compromising their faith and stands. God wants to bring us to the peak of whatsoever we do naturally but if we do not serve God in totality, we could fall into the trap of compromise, worshipping the glories of tfhis world at the expense of the glory of God. Like Demas who left Paul for to gain this present world, we also could leave God to gain this world. But Jesus also asked a question, “of what profit will it be to a man who chooses to gain the whole world only to lose his soul…” You’re much more bigger in worth than the whole world put together, so don’t lose your soul for something inferior to you. Rather, worship the Lord so you may come into His own Glory.

God bless you. Keep living by His leading. Speak against every temptation. Trust in the Lord all the days of your life. Stay blessed.