​Leviticus 23:44 KJV

And Moses declared unto the children of Israel the feasts of the Lord .
It’s time to declare the feasts of the Lord. The feast of the Lord are seasons of seeking the face of the Lord, to be called by the name of the Lord and to bear His name.
The seasons are upon us where men will come into the rest of the Lord. It’s a season when men will put their dependence on God and not in the arms of the flesh.
It’s a season of Sabbath, a declaration of rest and restoration. A declaration of returning back to God, the fountain of life. We must learn to come to rest. It’s a season to come to the Lord that you may find rest for your soul, and we also must learn of Him. He is meek and lowly, and we ought to be likewise, hence we will find rest for our souls.
It’s time to declare the feasts of the Lord.