Understanding life and death will bring an end to how we should live and what we should die to. You do not respond to what you’re dead to, but you only respond to what you’re alive in. Just like a dead man does not respond to things here again. He is alive somewhere. When alive you’re obligated to respond to things. To live is to make response, to be dead is to end response. When it comes to being dead and to be alive have not seen a man that is dead and is alive at the same time. You stand in for one. If you’re dead to a thing you’re not obligated to respond to any thing. But when you’re alive, you’re obligated to do things. To be alive means obligation. 

For sin to encroach a life then the man must be alive to sin. You can’t be alive in God and then be living in sin. If you do then it means your have cross-lived your life. You move from live to death. That’s why also you can’t be alive in sin and be alive in God, it gives room to be dead to God. When you’re alive to a thing then you must be dead to another. For no man can serve two Masters. The remedy for sin is to be dead and then be alive in God. When dead then you’re alive to another. The result of being alive is the result of beginning a life. The scriptures says Jesus died once to sin and then lives unto God. We combine it with another scripture that says it is appointed for a man to die once. This shows the position of where He is: dead to sin then alive unto God. It is appointed for a man to die once, we need not to be resurrected to sin but to be dead once to sin. 

What does it mean to be alive to God? 

To be in a state of righteousness and godliness. A state where your only response is to God. A righteous man is alive in God. A godly man walks in that which profit even in life to come. Your response tells what you are dead to and alive to. Your position of being dead points us to where you’re alive to. To understand grace is to understand how to live unto God and to be dead to sin. Grace is a position of being alive to God and be dead to sin. While sin is a position of being alive to the clutches of sin and be dead to God. You’re free from sin by being dead to sin and be alive unto God. Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dies no more. He died no more because sin will no longer reign in His body. When He bore our sins, sin reigned in His body. So when He died He died once. Our death to sin should be once. 
When you’re raised from the power of sin, sin will have no more dominion over you. When you’re not being raised from the power of sin, sin will have it dominion over you. The essence of the old man being crucified with Christ is that the body of sin might be destroyed. Is that that old man need to be dead to a perfect body in Christ in other to raised a perfect body through Christ. The life in His body is enough to expire death in our old man. Though His body bears it so that He can actually end it The old man carries the body of sin- is that which had the ability to bear and also respond to sin. When the old man is not crucified with Christ then the body of sin is not yet destroyed from sin. Hence it gives room to serve sin. Only a crucified body with Christ that can not serve sin. 

Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more… There is no hope for a man that is dead when he is not raised from the dead. What makes a man free from sin is to be raised from the dead-the hold of sin. There is more hope for a man that is being raised from the dead than a man that is living in death. The Bible says Christ being raised from the dead… Something made Him dead. Sin spur death. When sin appears then death appears but when righteousness appears then being alive to God becomes man’s response. Man will not experience death except sin reign in him. 

The joy is when He was raised, we were raised together from the dead. To live above sin is to be raised from the dead. Death hath no more dominion on Him because He has been raised from the dead and we were raised together with Him. When a man is at the position of death, he will keep serving sin, unless he is raised unto live in God. Death hath no more dominion over a man that has been raised to be alive unto God. I searched the scriptures and I saw that it always talks about been dead then alive. This tells that our transition should be from death then live and not from live to death. I also see that when scriptures talks of death, it also raise the issue of life. But never was it said that a man stand at both. 
Grace actually means to be alive unto God. Sin means to be dead unto God. When we embrace grace then we embrace live unto God. But when we choose sin, then we embrace to be dead to God. A man that hate grace is a dead man. When we sin death takes its operation. It is then we must repent so that we call be alive unto God. This make look funny but for real we don’t need to be dead today and be alive tomorrow. We receive mercy to believe these things and  to be alive unto God.