​”…And they shall call His name Emmanuel, which by interpretation means GOD WITH US…” Matthew 1:23
The birth of Jesus Christ was a prophetic response to many challenges, both of the Israel as a people and for the whole human race as a redemptive plan of God. I want to announce to you that God has a plan for you and me, and in the most unlikely way, He would respond.
Many at times, we get offended with God because we assume He should respond in certain ways we have mapped and marked out, but He doesn’t respond as such. Man fell at the garden of Eden and God ought have restored man outrightly and fully, so we would think. All God did was to sacrifice an animal as an atonement for the sin of Adam and also used the skin of the animal as cloth for him and his wife, Eve.
And God sent prophets, priest, judges and even kings as a prototype of delivered for his people with the aim of first, delivering them from their physical enemies as a symbolism of His desire to deliver us from our enemies, Sin and the devil. One would have thought the easier solution was to introduce the Christ early enough before things got worse. But the eternal plan of God had covered all, the lamb was slain long before the foundation of the world.
What you are going through already had a solution, at the best of time, through an unlikely way, God will respond. His salvation plan is supreme and timeless. So, with patience, wait for it. And the truth is the His salvation plans are eternal in nature. When He comes, He comes to fully abide with you. His name shall be called Emmanuel.
Never forget that God is with you. He never left you and will never leave you. You may be going through the toughest of times, He is with you. You might not have had all you ever wanted in life, but know that God is with you. God’s intervention is not temporal but permanent and eternal. So, wait for it prayerfully, with patience in your heart.
God bless you. God be with you. Live Responsibly.
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