​”Therefore Sarah laughed within herself,….” Gen.18:12
When you compare the magnitude of God’s promise for you and the present state of things in your life, one would think of the fulfilment as impossible. God doesn’t speak to us with respect to what we facing as challenges, He would rather speak to us with respect to His divine purpose and counsel for our lives.
Sarah laughed, not because she didn’t know that “all things are possible with God”. She laughed, not because she didn’t believe God can give then a child as promised. Sarah laughed, not because her faith level has dropped now making her faithless. No. None of the above made Sarah laugh.
Sarah laughed because she considered her present state of passing child-bearing age, and also considered the age of her husband, and probably because they’ve not had sexual pleasure for a very long time. Compare all these with respect to the pronouncement of God that “I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life; and, lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son.”
This is far beyond the expectation of the natural mind. That God would do the impossible with vessels that are considered almost dead. Truth is, if God can “raise the stones” to offer Him praises, why would it be impossible to turn around hopeless situations, bringing hope and life from such to the amazement of all? Your situation is not too difficult for God to change or turn around.
Like Sarah, many of us laugh at the promises of God for us when we compare the present state of things to the magnitude of that promise. Even when we, like Sarah, deny our disbelief in form of laughing, God is purposed and determined to do what He has promised to do. All we need to do is to align ourselves with His purposes and plans for our lives. Strengthen and encourage yourself in the Lord and in the appointed time of life, the Lord shall visit you.
God bless you. Live Responsibly. Enjoy Grace.
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