We are in time when Jesus said many will come in His name saying they are Christ and are not. We are in a time when we will see men in sheep clothing but inwardly they are wolves. It’s such a dangerous time when you will see seeds growing together looking the same and having the same height even in the same environment yet the time of the harvest will tell which is of the truth. We are in a time when the shepherd will be taken and then the sheep will scatter. We are in time when the Antichrist that was spoken of will come and show forth many miracles and will have many sheep to himself. We are in time when people will dislike and disvalue the need of prophecies. Prophecies are true.

We need to understand that no matter the times we are in, the prophecies hanging over us will come to pass. Prophecies are true, they are to prepare us and engage our hearts for what will come. They are higher than the predictions of men like they predict the weather. Prophecies are godly inspiration given to men and they are not to be taken with gains, rather as a use to the edification of the body of Christ. Prophecies reveals often tells the direction the Lord want us to take and tells His mind for a particular season and we must learn to follow Him. They tell of how we need to take our walk under a particular guide from Him. It secures the people and help the nation that embraces it. They are secret things being revealed by the mercy of God. Prophecies comes from the Father of light Himself no matter the dimensions at which we hear them or perceive them under the watch of the word. Prophecies speaks of entrance into a new season and a breaking forth of the light for God’s people. Prophecies brings us into another responsibility and a task that needs over involvement in it. Prophecies are never without the involvement of man. Prophecies are divinely given and spoken to men to tell the essence of man in each season even as it show the faithfulness of God to men. Prophecies is from God to man.
Never detest prophecies. We need to know that rather than rejoicing over prophecies we need to carefully hear them and also to carefully be engaged in it. Preparing our hearts towards seeing them come to pass even in prayers. People at times feel prophecies do not need prayers. Our hearts need to be engaged in prayers in prophecies especially when it is telling of things that will soon come. Every prophecy must raise a need in our hearts for prayers. When we pray about them we are engaging our hearts with what the Lord has said and then we are carefully watching over them. What you pray for is like a seed sown to the ground and you water after then expect the harvest in times to come. Prophecy is in this wise and we must be responsible enough to see and watch prophecies come to pass. This is not that prophecies in itself can not come to pass without prayers. Prayer shows our commitment to them.
Prophecies structures our hearts to see into the agenda of God and then begin to gear our attention and full focus on them. Prophecies shows the faithfulness of God to us and His commitment to whatever He says. Even when men of old heard prophecies what they do is to desire to see when what time it will happen. This prepares the heart towards the Lord and His Word. A committed believer in prayer reflect the commitment of God towards His Word even through prophecies.

Handling prophecies therefore is by us discerning where they are coming from. We must learn to care less about prophecies that are not scriptural but rather embrace our hearts to the truth of prophecies that we see the Lord His raising and bringing to our hearts each season. We must understand that unless prophecies are given by the inspiration of God under the guide of God’s word they are not overly accepted. Our attention is needful towards prophecies, yes, we can rejoice over them and give thanks for them but we must know that every word from the Lord is a responsibility placed on us. We must understand that no word of the Lord or from the Lord will fall to the ground. The part of engaging ourselves in prayers in it is to account our hearts and prepare towards them. The truth about prayers with prophecies is that when we pray towards such prophecies that is been given to us by the Lord, we have more light into them and we will understand what the Lord is saying more in a deeper way. I have found out personally that when I stay more in prayers about a particular thing, it opens more to me than ever. It fires up in me the essence and the truth of God’s word and also glue my heart strongly to what am praying for. I submit to you that prophecies are real and should be taken with understanding and be checked with the simplicity of heart even as we engage them with prayers.