Prayer Night

Stir up my desires within,
Stir it like the waters that never runs dry,
Open up my stream cause it to flow like oil from Aaron’s beards to his skirt,
Give me sight that will make me see as You see,
Give me Your law that transforms a man from being a grass to a divine being,
Let Your law make me what it is,
Teach me to love Your law,
Bring my heart near like the snail that never leaves it shell,
Give me the bread that turns from being a man to become like the Godhead,
Take away from my mouth the bread of man give me the bread of God,
Give me the feet that thread the path of truth ending in Christ,
Cause my mind to be like that of Christ that is willing to obey,
Take away from me the lustful heart,
Take away from me the lustful desires that turn me against You,
Unil my heart is one with the divine cord that can not and never be broken,
Work on me till my testimony become like Yours,
For until I have Your testimony I am still a grass,
Bring my eyes and my heart to that which heaven knows like the Father,
Give me that which satisfy the Son,
Make me all that the Son is as I walk with You,
I am a man yet I am God like You proclaim,
Yet infirmities draw me away,
Bring me into all that You desire take not away from me Your chastening,
For in it does not Sonship lies,
Build in me a longing that the wicked one can not quench with his subtlety,
Just like the Son establish me in Your Word,
Like the Son, like the Father, like the Godhead all I pray.

Tope Akinyele