I believe in prayers and I believe in prayers that work. When scriptures tells of when we pray that the Lord hears us, it must fasten our hearts to want to pray. You can’t pray without the knowledge of the word of God. The word of God is what stirs prayers within. It quicken your spirit to want to pray and makes you stay longer in the place of prayers. We will only enjoy prayers as we stick to the word of God and follow the instructions given to us. Our prayer then begin to focus more on God more than us, having in mind that the Lord will take care of us.

When you pray I want to tell you that the Lord is near! Let’s see the word.

Psalms 145:18 The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth.

This tells that when we call the Lord, He is near at every prayer we make to Him. The Lord is near. Now, I want to shift this from just asking the Lord to seeing the Lord more in a fellowship way with Him. It is clear that the Lord is near when we call unto Him, when we call Him in truth. Which means with a true heart. If the Lord is near, we can engage Him in a good communion and daily explore the fragrance of His presence. That means He has become a friend. To ask you, if the Lord is near to them that call upon Him how often will you like to call unto Him? You remember the place that says if we obey the Lord He will manifest Himself to us.

John 14:21 HE THAT HATH MY COMMANDMENTS, AND KEEPETH THEM, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and WILL MANIFEST MYSELF TO HIM.

So we see here that two things brings the Lord to us, when we call unto Him, He said He is near, and also when we keep His words He will appear or reveal or manifest Himself to us. Now I see this as what happened in the beginning when God come to man. When we call unto God in the place of prayers and also obey Him the Lord will come to us. The Lord is near beloved as you call unto Him, believe His Word that He is near today as you call on Him. If someone is near and also manifest Himself to you, it means the person becomes real to you. You can see him, you can touch him and you can handle the person and that’s what the word of God is expected to be to us and Jesus is the word. Our fellowship with the Lord and our obedience in the place of prayers is expected to cause the Lord to come to us. We are to experience the Lord everyday as we pray since He is near when we call on Him. Just as you expect your wife to come when you call on her. When we know the means by which the Lord appears and also comes near to us, we ought to keep using these tools of Him coming to us. Every prayer we pray and every obedience of God’s word is to bring God to come near and appear or manifest Himself to us. I charge you today that as you pray expect the Lord to come near to you. The word of God says He is near to them that call on Him, so He will be near as you call on Him. Also when you obey the Lord, He will manifest Himself or reveal Himself to us. The truth is there is no abuse to the measure at which you can call on the Lord, except you call Him in vain. Of course you know some people may call on your name and you will just know that this person does not need you and that may cause you not to make a move because you know the person is just calling you for nothing! That’s why He said He is near to them that call Him in truth. Keep enjoying the fellowship of prayer with the Lord.