Ecclesiastes 8:5 “Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing: and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgment.”

One of the major problems we have in our time and in our days is our inability to discern properly the times and seasons we are in. Many just live with the trend and end up in the trench. Life is not to be lived by just flowing with all manners of things but must be lived deiberately with a focussed mindset guided and directed through a purpose driven life.

The scripture tells us that there are different times and various seasons upon us and we ought to know and learn how to live effectively and efficiently in these varying times and seasons. Many are not consciously aware of their lives, they just live by the happening trends. The most tragic life is such life that lived whatsoever number of years without achieving God’s ordained purpose for his life. That person has lived a wasted life full of vanity.

One of the strength of the children of Issachar as recorded in the Bible was that they had understanding of times and seasons, and they also knew what Israel ought to do at those different times and seasons. Understanding of the times and seasons is not just enough, you also need to know what you ought to do in those times and in those seasons.

Don’t waste your life flowing with trends that actually don’t add anything to your life. Don’t waste your life on activities that doesn’t help you fully divine purpose for your life. Don’t waste your life pursuing things that will end up becoming a waste and distraction to your destiny and destination in life. Jesus said, “I must do the work of Him that sent me while it is day. For the night is coming, when no man will be able to work.” John 9:4.

We must know what time we are in and learn what is expected of us at those times. In a sane academic environment, you cannot be caught writing an exam when the time slotted is far spent, the invigilator will stop you from further writing even if you’ve not written much. So, during the time slotted for the examination, you shouldn’t be found playing, sleeping, talking or doing activities that do not add up to you being successful at the exams paper you’re writing. So also is life, the times change and the seasons change. And we as believers must learn to discern what seasons and times we are in and know how we ought to live. That how a successful Christian life can be guaranteed.

Lastly, it is expected of us to appreciate God for whatsoever season and times we are in. We must not be such person that desires only one type of season, but must learn to know all it takes to live successfully in any time and season that is upon us. Early in life, God helped me understand that He is both the God of the dry season and of the rainy season, and that in all these seasons, I should be thankful and faithful. A good understanding of these will help you live a life without worry, anxiety and fear of tomorrow. And one major bondage of the human race is fear of tomorrow, but if you really know God and understand the differing times and seasons, you will live in peace and rest in God in confidence of a secured future. All you need do is discern and understand the times and seasons. God bless you.