Men have come into the time of His eyes, showing forth the light of His Person to man under the strength of His mercy. The world system has worked on the sight of men, it is time to begin to introduce men to the sight of God. The beauty of His eyes will not make man to run there is such force that draw man near until he begins to bear the eyes of God. The destination of His eyes is to make man see like God sees. Blindness to the system and ways of this world is gone from among men, the seed the Lord has long planted is about to be seen. The harvest of His eyes men are beginning to enter. The entrance of His eyes is the entrance of His heart. You know a man’s heart when you look deep to His eyes. A lot of expressions are in the eyes, man will begin to interact with the eyes of the Lord. The true enemy will be seen and no longer hidden. Man will see the way the Lord sees. God is not bringing us into times of surface of His but depth of it. The eyes of Yahweh can be known not just in letters but truly and been made real for all. Eyes tells the government of a man’s life. When a man begin to see with the eyes of God, all things are naked or made open to His eyes, you then begin to judge not by your physical eyes but by the eyes of Whom you have. Mercy is the entrance into this.
Unless we embrace and desire the ministration of His eyes, we will become ordinary men. When we partake or come into the place of His eyes, our sight of sin and the world will be different. We will not just know the danger of sin but we will understand how GOD we are when it comes to sin and the world and it power. We will under His sceptre of His Kingdom. When you’re able to see what the sight of God, you’re entering into the Godhead. For man to fully partake of the Godhead, he must gain mastery in the sight of God. This need the help of the Holy One and Christ. You understand your full place through His eyes. What heavens are calling us into is to take the provision make available to us, the eyes of Yahweh. Entrances are been ministered to the church, we receive grace.