The work of the seed does not need a noise, it’s silent work done by quickens,
It’s a work that will be revealed in it due time,
The work of seed is not in noise or public,
It will look low and slow but it’s faster than it appears,
The work it does is to establish it ground such that it can not be uprooted,
The seed work has it glory in the harvest,
Harvest as such that can not be taken away,
Seeds can be despise but it lies generation to come by which it work through them,
Showing the faces of itself through it fruit,
It fruit that it bears has no life of it own,
It life is sourced from the seed,
The harvest of seed tells the work it has down by measure of death to give it life for fruit,
Never dying but living through it fruit,
What you can death is actually life to seed,
It is a medium where it produces itself more,
Seed has no power on living,
It has it power in dying by given up more of itself,
The joy of every seed is not to live but to die so that it can live out itself through it fruit,
Undeniably it lives more and spread more and the exact life of itself on fruit,
Having it faces more on it fruit,
When we have the understanding of a seed, we will see the need for patience,
What seed does is to prepare you for harvest through patience,
Seed live by dying and die to live through it fruit.