To further in light, you must be a lover of light. You can’t love light and walk in darkness.
To turn darkness to light, you must be a lover of light and be established in light, the light of the glorious gospel of Christ.
Darkness has his own love but it is corrupt. For man to hate darkness he will to embrace light.
Any man that walk or run in darkness or dark wisdom, in no time will soon fall. Darkness has chains to keep man, it has it own light that it offers and people in such darkness embraces it and rejoice over it, and such is not light but darkness, it is the subtilty of the wicked one to give dark things as light, cause he also has a form of light.

You can’t govern in darkness without light, light of the gospel of Christ. Light means government. When government take a hold of a man, he is shaped and ruled by it. It determines the structure of his life and his economy. Light is government, it govern it light on his people thereby not taking them out of course but to become the true light as He is, the person of Christ.

Association with light brings you into deeper light, when a group of light comes together they learn in light and grow in light. Every light is relevant inside light, every light is light inside light, though there may be need to come into the greater light, Christ is that light of Whom the whole light have to come into. When men sit around light they receive light, no one leaves the same way he came, the light shine into a perfect day in light. Light is swallowed up in light for a better substance in light. Light beget light, every light has to be sourced by the light. When a man walks in the truth of the light, his life lighten up and can not walk in darkness. Jesus is the light, Christ’s People are light, they come into the greater light, Christ.

The meekness of light is not in appearance, it is in substance. Substance as the world can not discern for they do not know it. It is known by the Spirit and the Spirit of God the world can not receive. How can they know the meekness of light. It brings not the appearing of the details of the earth, the right tuning of the heart to the light can search out the meekness of light. Meekness of light is engrafted in light, you need light to discern it. Light is not begotten of the world, it is always above, the sight at which he sees is from where he shines from, in the unapproachable light. Light can near it. Darkness will fall at it. Light is foolishness to someone in darkness, for such has the engraving of the dark wisdom wisdom. Light is press into by meekness, only the meek can identify the meek. For such have mastered light meekness. Man can not pick light to embrace it for the deeds of the hearts. Light opens up to build a man into light. Your sight can’t pick light unless your heart loves light. As your heart begin to love light you receive daily exposure to light. Light came blind your heart from the dark things and wisdom of the earth such as you now walk in the liberty of light overcoming the wicked world with light that floods in your inner man. Such as can not be conquered by any dark sayings, flourishing daily and consistently in light. A man of light has wisdom the world denies in the open but can not deny in the secret. For such they know they need but hold on to their culture of darkness. You can’t press into the meekness of light without first been govern by Christ Jesus, Who is light and has the Father of light from Who He shines.

The breaking forth into light needs the readiness and hunger for light. You survive by the light you have. Gradually as you progress in light you will see the One who dwells in the unapproachable light, for in the seeing of Christ, you are moved to the Father of light. When the heart truly hunger for light, there is a draw into the light. Such that the heart comes into union with light. An embracement by the Father through the Son. When man move from Christ into all of the Father, for Christ bears all of the Father even in light. Man come into the union in light. Christ is the initiator of man into the Father’s light. To put it to you anyway, when you come into Christ and dwell in His light, as you walk in light you will approach or come into the unapproachable light through the Son Christ Jesus. The unapproachable light is not for the Son not to approach it!