Sin is a gradual reduction in spiritual alertness to God, proper mental alertness to righteous living, and morally sound relationship between one another.

Sin develops, and so are they who are subject to its rule over them. Sin grows from one level to another to the point of blindness. Sin is like cataracts, it blinds gradually and kills silently.

When God says “do not allow it to rule over you”, He knows that sin, like taskmasters, enslaves and adds more burden day after day until death finally comes. The wisdom is for us to be aware, then be sober, watch and pray, for sin lies at your door, and plans to have you.

Rather than submit to the cruel rulership of sin, it’s better you submit your life to Christ and allow the Holy Ghost rule over your heart with all diligence. And even when sin has had dominion over you before now, you can be free by calling on Jesus to come and save you from the hold of sin and death. Jesus wants to be your Lord and Saviour. Sin also wants to lord you. Hand over your life completely to Christ and the crisis in sin will be over.

However, remember that “as many as received Him, He gave power(right, authority) to become the sons of God, even as many as believed Him.” And really, only those that are “led by the Spirit are the sons of God.” Just hand over your life to Him, He will lead you through. Welcome to a victorious life in Christ.

Happy Sunday. Attend a church service today to hear more. God bless you.