Only the wise hears parable and know what to do with it.
A wise counsel are never to be said in full, a wise ear look at it beyond.
When the wise speaks, the wise ear will look at what to do, look at his default and adjust, not looking at the dust, but to go around looking for help.
A wise ear follow the lips of a wise heart.
Never to trade with what the wise said.
Only a fool make a noise, while the wise quietly listen to his short comings and adjust.
Truth is bitter, lies is sweet with enticement in it.
A perishable heart loves flattering but the soul of the wise rebuke.
A tree that sour, few will take of it
That tree which is sweet many are his friend.
The end will tell which is that good.
Take of the tree for thy fire.
Made of three thy sitting in your corners.
The heart of the wise travels with the wise even when is mouth are closed.
It takes a wise heart to understand a wise.
Learn from the folly of man, hear from the wise.
If there be leaves that maketh a noise pass by not.
Only go by the tree that drops her leaf quietly.
Settling under it to hear and meditate upon the wise thought.
Only take counsel from a heart that has traveled far.
Joke not with they that lack eye lashes.
All may hear the sound but the wise her the heart.