Man was told things,
For which he himself was told by elders,
He grew with it and vowed to bring his children into it,
Enforced by a will,
Captured by wrongs,
When the foundation has been laid in the heart,
All of his soul is fixed into it,
Yet eternity is planted in the heart,
No depth of knowledge could satisfy it,
Eternity is planted in the heart,
Yet no other god or thing can satisfy it,
Unless you give such soul what is missing,
Feel satisfied yet the heart cry towards his Maker,
Settling to be satisfied but yet there is an undeniable yearning in the soul,
There are locks of the heart planted at birth,
Locks that nothing could open by any means,
Yet the One Who has the keys of David knocks with humility,
Sending forth His Spirit to every heart to know the Lord,
God has not left Himself without a witness,
They are needed for His justification over every soul,
The keys of David can open any door,
Yet the door of the heart to accept Him He enforce not,
Gently knocking and saying I have paid the price,
Gently knocking and calling for every soul to come into His life,
Man is an open field for all to take,
Yet He sleeps not,
Coming every season and staying at the door of every heart knocking for it to be opened,
Man has found his own wealth,
Man has sat upon his own theory,
Neglecting and rejecting the true God and eternal life,
Yet the soul cries silently for to be saved from darkness been passed to it,
Secretly he makes the cry for no man can hear,
Yet the One Who sit in heaven and have His Tabernacle among men heard,
Coming forth with His mercy and light upon the heart,
When there is an opening it is always easy to enter,
When there is a deep hunger,
It is always easy to feed such,
Such as the light Himself comes and shine upon the heart,
The heart was saved from darkness,
Receiving that which truly satisfies the heart,
Jesus the Christ He is the true bread that satisfy,
Jesus is the way, is the truth and the life, When he comes to minister this arms to man,
Such an opening deeply into the light of the Father,
Man need to find Him,
Ending what he knows and learning from Jesus Christ at his table,
Full of fats that will help the body to obey the Lord,
Giving meat of obedience that knit with soul to obey the Lord and loving Him for real,
Leaving back the lies following after truth,
Mercy calls for that which satisfies, Jesus is.