Dearly beloved, 

You are cordially invited to participate in MINISTERS’ INTERCHANGE 2016. Ministers’ interchange is a two-day powerful teaching, Impartation and interactive session scheduled to hold, 9am daily, on Friday, 5th and Saturday, 6th August 2016 at King’s College, 3, Catholic Mission street, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

This platform will feature two seasoned, well-rounded minsters of the gospel and fathers in the body of Christ, namely; Dr Hugh Osgood from Kent, United Kingdom, and Pastor Olubi Johnson from Ibadan, Nigeria.

These are critical times when the Spirit of the age is all out to completely strip humanity of the consciousness of God by lowering God’s kingdom standard for the church. It is therefore imperative that the new generation ministers of God embrace the gospel of the kingdom with the urgency of the now, as expected that light is required to vanquish darkness and truth neutralize error.

Ministers’ Interchange is in view of the fact that heaven is raising a new breed of relentless servants and handmaidens of God who in the face of extreme pressure and contradictions of life will remain uncompromising- a people who in perpetuum defy all odds in their pursuit of God’s will.

AD 2016 edition of Ministers’ Interchange is themed NEW WINE SKIN. We believe that the pressing demand of heaven for our generation is that we allow the Holy Spirit to confront core-issues of our heart through the unfolding revelation of the kingdom in order to upgrade our spiritual taste-bud, recalibrate our prophetic antenna and reconfigure our alignment with the accuracy of God’s will.

We do anticipate your participation and presence at this holy convocation and destiny-defining platform.

Yours in His Service

Tayo Ladejo

( Convener)

NB: DR HUGH OSGOOD (PhD) is from Kent, United Kingdom. Dr Hugh Osgood is a father in the body of Christ who has been in the ministry for over fifty years. He is an Apostolic leader and a voice in various restoration move of God in our time. He was the founder of Cornerstone Christian Centre. He helped launched international Christian TV Ministry (with God TV and revelation TV) in the mid-1990s. He founded the global church network, Churches in Communities International, and also initiated the UK Advisory Board for Christian studies with its School of Biblical studies and Masters’ Degree programme.

Dr Hugh Osgood is the President of Churches Together in England, as well as being the Co-chair of UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference. He is married to Marion and they have three children and ten grandchildren.

PASTOR OLUBI JOHNSON is the President and Set-man of Christ Life Ministries, an outreach ministry with a commission to teach the saints to become conformed to the image of Jesus. He is also the founder and Senior Pastor of Scripture Pasture Christian Centre, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Pastor Olubi is a Prophetic teacher and a Father in the Present kingdom emphasis and Apostolic and Prophetic Move of God. He was a Pioneer of the Word of faith Move in Nigeria. He was also instrumental for spearheading the Charismatic Pentecostal Church Movement in Nigeria.

Pastor Olubi is the chairman of the board of Trustees of Lifeforte International school. He is also an alumnus of Imperial College London where he completed postgraduate coursework in Communication Engineering. He is happily married to Pastor Sarah; a married blessed with three daughters and a Son.