Beloved of God,

The greatest enemy of mankind that created a wide gulf between man and God is death (corruption). Through sin and divers lusts, death reigned and reduced man from a stature in faith life that once commended God’s visitations on earth, into a fleshy state and finally into a grassy estate where man was likened unto the flower of the field that gradually perishes.

The coming of Jesus was to judge and end the intelligence and generation of sin and death, and he accomplished this via his walk of faith and love. This is the syllabus of divine life and of divine love that we must learn in order to receive our eternal inheritance in God while here in earth!

The absolute victory of God over sin and death must be made true in us like it was in our Lord Jesus who arrived at this junction by feasting on the utterances of His Father.

The Father has therefore opened the floodgate of heaven so that believing believers can hear the utterances of his voice and triumph like the Christ Jesus did.

You are welcome in advance to Believers’ Convention 2016 titled “UTTERANCES OF THE FATHER”