1 Corinthians 1:18 “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

God in His infinite mercy created man to have a mind. Man is a spirit, He has a soul and lives in a body. In his soul are five compartments, the will, the intellect, the memory, the emotion, and the imagination.

With his will, he can decide whether or not to serve God. With his will, he has been armed with the power of choice, whether to choose life or to choose death. Unfortunately, man has been subjected to death, he is dead in trespass and sins, hence, in his will, he will always choose death. That explains why man always does things that are harmful to his body whilst he derives momentary pleasure from them.

With his intellect, he has the ability to discern what is good from what is evil but lacks power to choose what is good. Also with his intellect, he has the ability to reason, to think and to explore things intelligently. In this ability, he sees himself as an intelligent being that can stand independent of God who created him and nothing seems to be wrong with that decision. With this intellect, he can even claim and affirm that there is no God and all his proposition in theories will affirm to the fact that there is actually no God. Why, God is purely Spirit. He cannot be seen with the intellect. And here comes the man that has so developed his intellect but in all, there remains a very big vacuum seeking what to fill it. And they sought anything to fill it, only to find nothing big enough to fill it. So they remain empty by trying all (alcohol, smoking, free thinking, education, and so on) in a bid to fill the gulp, to no avail.

With the memory, he has ability to retain information. He wants to retain the good times and at times want to discard the bad moments of life, but unfortunately, the dark moments of life are not easily deletable so, he forms his judgements by the dark, sad, bad, worse moments of his life. The memory is so organised that they replay in his mind and this helps him to conclude whether or not life is fair, God is good, or that with this evil happenings, there is no God.

With the emotions, he likes to associate with good things and dissociate with bad things. He rationalizes with his emotions and respond to life via this compartment. When it seems as if an event is good, he adjures it as good and when otherwise happens, he calls it evil. But unknowing to him, what defines good is deeper than what the human emotions can define. Why, definitions of good and evil are changing daily in the emotions of man. A man who cannot stand the death of another without crying suddenly becomes strong having gone through many death situations. Now, his emotions have adapted to it and the situation becomes pleasant to him. He like to define God in and by his emotions but never can he successfully do that. God is bigger than what human emotion can discern.

And with his imagination, he likes to imagine who God is, where He lives and why He is God. God cannot be contained in our wildest imagination. The human imagination is limited to his scope of sight. And here comes a God that is limitlessly infinite. With his imagination, he tries to picture heaven, and all he can come up with is it is place for good people and hell, a place for bad people. He rarely imagines himself as a bad person, while he sees others as bad or hypocritical because they fail to see things like he sees them. He smokes and takes alcohol, to him, that’s not bad but one who rapes and steals is a bad person. Human imagination is frail and sinister.

Man is intelligently unintelligent. He thinks he knows when he reasons with his soul but shockingly, that’s how to know a foolish man. A fool is one who says there is no God. A fool is one who says, though I was made, I really do not believe in my maker. A fool is one who having seen that nothing exist with being created yet says, there is not creator. Things just began on there own.

There is a God who created the heavens and the earth. There is a God that will bring judgment on the earth someday. There is God that loves man so much so that He created him with so much resources. Like Lucifer, he was created with all majesty and splendor, but when he began to think of himself highly than God, corruption, decadence, death entered into him. Man ought to learn from this being. Man cannot and should not be independent of God. That’s the beginning of wisdom (if man chooses to fear the Lord), and the beginning of foolishness (if man assumes there is no God).

Oliyide Ayotunde, a Christian who believes in God.