When in the night so hard to see,
Lost in the morning when there is light,
Featured in the place of grace enabled by His light,
Fenced with love so unbreakable,
Union of mercy touched to the soul,
Gathered around in the court,
Looked upon by all, one seem to gaze more,
With the eyes of love I could feel,
Written indeed in His hand watch over truly I see, Days gone by when I trust to see,
Left with light launch to walk,
Never lost in darkness,
But to see from the within,
Feel with heat of Him,
Connecting to the throne,
Drawing closer by the heart can’t deny,
When my watch was click,
Then in the run,
Occupied with love slow pace I took,
Acknowledge that which was given,
My speed was greater,
Mercy and grace followed me all on me,
My attention to Him was more,
Walking with a mind that He watch,
I see His eyes everywhere I go,
Was afraid of evil but never again,
Holding the light even the torch,
Entered the dark world spray the light,
Using the nature of the light dare to walk,
Never mind what I saw,
Just walking in the truth of the light,
Even walking in the revelation of the light within,
That all men will come,
All was seen just in a minute,
Coming to the light they run not,
Living in darkness being the nature,
Little they take much they become,
Following the light they had no regret,
Lost form but a new life in Him,
When the light is come all disappear,
Light of His mercy takes over,
Gradually the light takes charge in the heart,
All men calling upon the light,
They made the choice once and for good,
With the appearance of light in the heart through desire,
Not casted out but was fully accepted,
All men that saw the light embraced and walked in the light.