Lost in the midst of the world,
Adoring the craving of his heart,
Smiling over all its beats,
Dancing to it music with her steps,
No caution at all in her world,
When the shadows are gone,
When the images are drawn,
The aura of her presence is come,
Her lavish lust fills the room,
All in the play of her words,
All at the commands of her thoughts,
Filled with the chants of her heart,
Seeking the obedience of her will,
The clutches of her locks,
The shinning drawn of her breast,
The suckling of her own,
All the voyage of her world,
The spells of her lovely voices,
Enchanting the heart to draw near,
The lost of nature among men,
The excellent uniform of her dance and culture,
All at the timing of her possession,
There appear a man free,
Free, never to be taken by her whisper,
Anger in her eyes for such a difference,
Looking for skills and subtlety for her stranger,
Missing this time ready for light in that world,
Causing her sparkling not to focus on him,
No one knows his identity they all said,
Yet he knew where he is from and deny not himself,
She try all her means to get him out,
Knowing that he will pollute their minds with light,
Bringing to them the chants of heaven,
In the lost world they are and will follow,
Little by little from the youngest to the oldest,
She looks in despair losing her hold on them,
The match of his light she could not hold,
Now she remembers who he was,
Coloured with the tapes of his place she said,
All men see their shapes and forms,
He cause them to see yet,
Yes the master comes….