​I owe God my allegiance,
I owe my Country my pledge,
I owe my family a name to keep,
I owe myself a discipline to maintain.

Life is all about making sacrifices,
Just ensure you do not sacrifice the right for wrong,
So you won’t end up saying evil is good.
And at the end you realise, what a vain life you lived.

Whatsoever things are gain,
I count as loss, ‘Cos at the end,
Top gainers become top losers.
And top losers become top gainers.

The world seek to gain or profit,
Heaven looks at how much you’ve lost,
What do you lose to gain eternity,
That’s what counts at the end.

I die daily, for I live in Christ daily.
My life I give away, so he can save me.
I love not my life till death,
So that in dying to self, I live forever more. Amen.