In the order of the dark age,
In the ruling and the governance of darkness upon the earth,
He has strengthen vanity in the heart of men,
Causing man to hold on to it tightly like his life depends on it,
Unless man address vanity in his own heart,
He can not be free,
This freedom must progress from light of God’s word,
The truth has been perverted by the spirit of the age,
Encouraging falsehood all around,
Bringing fashions from dark wisdom,
All to change the soul and stir up lust,
Men eating the corn of rebellion provided by the wicked one,
All coming to the resemblance of his will,
Making man to walk after a law,
Even the law against his own soul,
Yet he embraced it,
Taking men at his own will,
Closed the heart to repentance,
Blinded the minds against the light,
That which will save men,
The spirit of the age takes over,
Ruling and gaining influence in every sphere,
Overtaking the believers with his wisdom,
Using subtility of the first fall with an upgraded mind,
Enforcing rebellion among men,
Changing minds into the mind of darkness,
Man to man, woman  to woman, even to animals,
Ruling with the corruption that entangles the heart,
Giving and showing freedom of his own dark age,
Calls it freedom of this and that,
Whereas in essence it is total bondage,
Freedom that brings men against the will of God,
Freedom that makes men in reality to bear chains all about,
The spirit of the age has perverted what man see,
Knowing that what a man sees has the ability to stay in his heart,
Giving the preaching and teaching of the dark,
Bringing oneness among the nations in the things of the dark age,
All working according to his own command,
But fighting the light bearers against the unity of the spirit,
Using all means against men coming into the unity of the faith,
That which will bring men into the stature of Christ,
Changing the messages of some men into the world system and what’s trending,
When the truth of the word has not changed,
Faith is lost, truth is scarce,
But truth prevails,
God has never left Himself without a witness,
There is a power that is at work in man,
Even the spirit of the age to come,
The issue is, men will have to listen to the Lord,
First not on how to overtake the world,
Forget about it’s wisdom,
First stay on His Word and what the Lord is saying,
The end is close,
The harvest is near,
The true work will be seen,
The spirit of the age will be judged even in his wickedness,
Don’t be judged with it,
But be numbered among the Saints, Even with your engagement with the Lord.