It is often believed that Faith is necessary while dealing with God, as many know that without faith, it is impossible to please God. Therefore, faith is known to be an essential commodity for Christian living. Yet, in many lives, faith is often misappropriated, misconceived and misconstrued. We at times display a wrong understanding of the concept of faith.

Jesus in teaching us faith says, “…for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matthew 17:20. Please note that Jesus said “if you have faith, however small it may seem, you must “address” the challenge, and issue an instruction or a command (in faith). That’s where many get it wrong. Faith requires that we speak out the solution, not keeping quiet and assuming a position that the challenge has been solved when it is still there.

Truth to learn about Faith as observed from the above scripture.

1. Address the challenge/problem. Often times, people spend a lot of time “talking about the problem“, rather than “talking to the problem.” They are different. Jesus said, “say to the mountain…” and not talk about the mountain. Many spend their time describing how big the mountain is or how they’ve tried to work out their way from the challenge. And as often times as we do this, faith is not activated. Faith addresses the problem by speaking the solution.

2. However small your faith is, it is very potent. Lots of people assume they need bigger faith to address bigger problems but truth is, no. Even if your faith is as small as the tiniest grain of the mustard seed, you can speak to a mountain as big as billion times the size of the seed. So, here’s the lesson, the size of your faith should not always be directly proportional to the size of the challenge. All you need do is speak to it however miniature your faith is. Don’t wait to have a bigger faith to fight a bigger war, just speak in faith, addressing the problem by speaking the solution.

3. Once you’ve spoken the solution, it has been effected.
This is where many get confused about faith. People just talk and in their mind, they really are not expecting anything to happen. They speak because they are compelled to say something not necessarily because they are convinced in their heart about what they say. Faith speaks and is assured of result. Once you address the mountain to be moved, it will be moved, therefore be fully assured and move on to the next phase of your life knowing fully well that solution has been effected. And while some who spoke in the past have assumed not to have had result because they have not learnt that faith works patience in us. Jesus addressed the fig tree and didn’t wait to inspect the words He spoke. He addressed the fig, believed it has dried up even when it doesn’t appear so, and left the scene. And scriptures accounted that by the following day, the fig tree was dried up from the root and the disciples wondered. Jesus was not surprised. He knew it was going to happen once He has addressed the situation. Faith in patience expects result of the issue already addressed.

4. Have a definite direction in mind while speaking the solution.

Remove from here to yonder….. This is a specific instruction given to the challenge. Many are confused in this area as their minds cannot pick a possible solution to the challenge. Just like a pastor friend shared of how God scolded him saying, Blind Bartimæus was more sensible than him in that Blind Bartimæus asked for what he desired as solution to his challenge. Often times, we pray in faith but we speak blindly without proper direction to our prayers. Every time Jesus was faced with a challenge, he addresses the issue by speaking direct solution to the challenge. Faith addresses the challenges by giving proper directives to the challenge, not just vague, open ended prayers.

5. Lastly, with a faith as small as mustard seed, and with challenges as big as a mountain, nothing shall be impossible to you if you believe. Wow! This doesn’t really go well with believers. We believe that “with God, nothing shall be impossible”, but we do not believe about ourselves. We believe that only applies to God. Jesus said it and He cannot lie. When we speak in Faith, properly addressing the circumstances by speaking the solution with clear cut directives, nothing will be impossible. Truth is, with God, yes nothing is impossible and also to them that believe, NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE. Believe it or not, it’s true.

Next time you face one or more challenging times, activate faith, speak to the challenge, and expect a positive solution. Don’t live in silence hoping something will happen. Pray about it. Speak to God about it and more importantly, speak the solution to the challenges. Faith speaks, it doesn’t keep mute, then expecting something to happen.

And please, instead of working yourself to fatigue like the disciples at the stormy sea, speak to the storm like Jesus and tell it what to do. Always remember this, tell the challenge what to do, and it will obey your voice. Like Jesus calmed the sea, you can too. And many will wonder what manner of being you are that even the wind can hear you. Don’t keep quiet, faith speaks. God bless you.