Proverbs 14:1 “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.”

Often times, this scripture is used to address women on how to keep their marriage and home working but I also have the understanding this day that it is far more relevant than that. The relevance of this scripture to daily living is such that it cuts across everybody on how to build a successful life. In today’s devotional, I like to share with us the principle of wisdom required in building success in life.

Every wise woman builds….
Notice the class of people addressed here, “every wise….” Wisdom is an essential instrument in building a lasting and successful life. On the other hand, every foolish women (in this context addressing both gender) cannot build her house rather, distrup and destroys her building process.

What is wisdom?
Wisdom is said to be the application of knowledge to suit a particular situation or circumstance. To build, whether a career, a home, a business, a house, or anything, their is need for wisdom, without which, success will not be recorded. Jesus paints to us a picture of the two categories of builders, one is wise and the other foolish.

The Wise
In Matthew 7:24, Jesus describes a wise man as one who listens, hears and obeys by doing His instructions. And such person is likened to one who builds his house in a rock whose foundation is very solid. Now, the word rock could be literal but could also mean, making the foundation as rocky as possible. In furtherance to this, when the test of time came in form of storm, the building was able to stand as it has been fortified to withstand such test.

The foundation of any building is very important. People rarely take time to build solidly their foundation. Many want to attain fame, wealth, power and other high things without properly building a solidified foundation so that when trials and temptation comes, we can start the test of time. Foundation may include, strong positive character, good behaviour, integrity, in-depth knowledge and understanding, and so on. It is very important that we build these virtues before we come out to the open because all these things although seem irrelevant but are very essential to long lasting success of any career, home, business, or any life endeavor. Make your foundation as solid as the rock, and then carefully build with wisdom on it such that you will not also destroy your foundation through careless, unwise building.

The Foolish or Unwise
Jesus describes a foolish man as one who although hears his instructions but do not obey to do what he has been told. He simply neglects and does his own things by his own assumptions. Such person is unwise because he is building on a sandy foundation. This means that, the foundation upon which such builds is not solid enough to withstand the building. And when trials in form of floods and winds come to test the integrity of the building, it will fail and fall. Such building will end up as collateral damage, loss of life, loss of property, loss of resources. Such life will likely end up in depression and misery.

Become a wise master builder as Paul describes himself who lays the foundation and another builds upon. And also, he warns that we need to take heed (apply knowledge rightly – wisdom) the way we build.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Without wisdom, life will become more difficult than we can bear. In fact, through wisdom, life and living becomes very easy for us. And by very easy, we do not mean there will be no challenge faced in life, but those challenges will not be to our destruction but to our advancing in life. Although wisdom is generically used, this wisdom we talk about is Godly Wisdom, not cunningly devised wisdom or satanic wisdom aimed at oppressing others.

Remember, the way one builds will determine whether he/she is wise or not. And on what you build shows whether you are wise or not. The wise woman builds, the unwise plucks down (destroys).

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. James 1:5

It is possible that many lack this wisdom we talk about. If we do, as I also submit that we all lack this godly wisdom at varying degrees, ask God today for it. There is a wisdom that is earthly and sensual (built on self, or sense driven). This kind of wisdom leads to death and destruction. It cannot be depended on. But there is another wisdom that is heavenly, it comes from God. That is the one we need to aspire to have. And truth is, God gives liberally. Ask for this wisdom today and it will help you build a very successful life because “wisdom is profitable to direct.” God bless you.