When a heart burns, there arise a push to pray,
A heart that lack burning will lack praying,
When encumbered with cares of this world in the heart,
It pressed the power of the heart not to pray,
Killing such a heart that is supposed to press into God in prayer,
A mouth that is not shut in prayer is a heart is  burning,
The heart is the means for the lips to pray,
Guide your heart with a diligence is to ensure it does not affect your praying lips,
The heart connect with the lips,
Such a heart that is burning for the Lord, such burning yields effect to lips that shakes to pray,
The word of God is what produces hunger,
When the heart is not fed with the word it becomes full and have no need for hunger,
Thereby not aiding the heart to pray,
A lips that is importunate in prayer, is a heart that is roasting with hunger,
Hunger is an escort to the deeper things of God,
To be driven with such is to have a heart driven with the word,
What create the hungry heart is when the word permeate through essence of man and his heart,
Then the lips will begin to shake to pray,
No matter the situation a heart that does not lack fire strengthen the lips to pray.