When you pray, what comes to your mind? What is the first thing you think or conceive about your prayers? Do you always have the assurance of a answered prayer? If not so, why? These questions we will attempt to answer today.

Mark 11:24 KJV
Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them , and ye shall have them .

This is Jesus’ instruction to us as believers and as children of God. He says, when you pray, anything whatsoever you desire will be granted to you. The may look like a super statement that at times do not fit to real life situation. Many would say, ‘but I prayed thus and I didn’t receive it.’ It may be true but the truth is, when you pray believing in the prayer, and the God that answers prayers, it shall be answered.

Now note that two things are of importance,

1. Believe in the prayer. Many just mutter words without believing in the prayer. They just want to say something because they were compelled to say them. The things we say in prayers must have a reflection on our mind and heart. They must be heartily attached to us. Even the general church prayer must be prayed in faith, personal conviction, and absolute assurance of answers. Prayer shouldn’t be mechanical, it should and it’s wise for us to make prayers a real life demanding process of relationship building between us and our Father. Such is when you ask your earthly father for a “book”, and he hands you a “hook”, do you feel the request was fulfilled? No. You can remember the specific request, and you will watch until it is done. That’s it. That it’s answered doesn’t mean it will be done immediately, at times it takes time to be fulfilled but we must believe that it has been answered.

2. Believe on Him who answers prayers. Truth is, many believe in the prayers they made, they really wanted their request answered but they really do not believe in the God that answers prayer. They want their request fulfilled but doubt God’s willingness to do it or not. It is one thing to believe in God’s ability, it is another thing to believe He is willing to do it. Good enough, people pray to God because they know He is able to do it, yet, they really find it difficult to believe He is willing to do it. Such was the prayer of one such man who met Jesus and asked about His willingness to heal him. Jesus understood and responded that He is not just able to heal, He is also willing, and that He will actually heal him.

Believe when you pray. It is easy to pray, it is not that difficult as people think. You do not need to look for pastors, prophets or some kind of medium to reach God. His ears are not deaf hear neither are His hands short to give, many times it is our shortcomings that deprive us of the benefits of prayers.

Shortcomings? Don’t be quick to conclude I’m taking about sin. And even if you believe I’m talking about sin, you may not be far from the truth. Unbelief is a sin. Do you know that your inability to believe God’s ability and willingness to give to you your request is a sin? If you don’t, then you need to know.

Next time you desire something of the Lord, offer them in prayers believing (in God and in the prayer) and it shall be done. That’s one way to have an effective and efficient prayer life. God bless you.