Matthew 13:25 “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”

It is amazing to read this parable as narrated by Jesus Christ. There was a sower who took his time to sow wheat. And after much labour and the planting, he went to sleep alongside his servant. But something dramatic happened, the enemy has crept in unnoticed and without due announcement to plant tares among the wheat.

As little babies, we were born innocent, created good by God although they were conceived in sin and brought up in iniquity. But as time goes by, the little innocent child begins to learn some things in his/her surround. Definitions of phenomenon begins to shape and reshape his formation, he/she begins to develop some things that were not part of the genetic make up. As the wheat grows, the tares also begin to grow.

When men slept….
To sleep means to be ignorant of the environment, to be less vigilant or to be unaware of happenings around you. Sleep is associated with the night hours, a time where thieves seem to be more effective because of less vigilance. When men become less concerned about guiding their lives, many thing creep in. The child while growing begins to form character, some are good while some are bad. If good care is not well taken to guide that child through proper nurturing, he/she may turn out bad because of the seeds sown into him/her that is against good conduct.

It’s time for us to do a proper analysis of our lives checking for those vices that was planted into our lives contrary to the right seed. The sower was very observant and so was the servant to have noticed that something else was growing contrary to the real planting and solution was quickly provided.

Take a stock of your life and ask yourself questions as to what and what crept into your life unaware. Some used to be kind and gentle but situations after situation turned them into cruel and troublesome persons and they didn’t know when they became the opposite of who they really were. This is hypothetical. For some, it may be completely different but truth is, it is always good to be vigilant and learn to take stock of one’s life.

Scripture says, “be sober and be vigilant, because the adversary is roaming around, seeking whom he may devour” My Paraphrase. To devour doesn’t just mean to kill at once, at times it is setting the person on a self destructive course. To devour means to derail someone unto self destruction. That’s what the devil intend. And sadly, many are on that part of self destruction. But as a believer, you must be sober (not overly excited and not overly sad, to be a regulated or balanced posture to allow for sound judgement) and be vigilant (to give dedicated attention to guiding your territory from invasion by strange and harmful person or substance).

We need to raise our vigilance level and be sober. And by this we can see when an intruder wants to plant evil seed to our lives and stop them before this is achieved. Else, we may be forced to allow these evil seeds grow with the good seeds till the day of harvest. But, also be full of joy because every tree that is not planted by God shall be cut down from the root and thrown into fire. God’s got you. God bless you.