Mark 4:38 “And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?”

Many times in the journey through life, things seems worse that we assume we are going to perish with the situation but we would always find out that God has a way of bringing us out of that condition, situation or circumstances unscathed. God is always never late. He has a master plan for all and He is always ready to execute this plan no matter how difficult conditions may be.

Looking back at how life has unfolded itself to us, we would at some point believe that life is unfair, because we seem to receive hard blows that looked like the end to our lives only to “look back” and ask “how on earth did I come out of that?” Many at times, the hard conditions we pass through are God’s ways of infusing strength, confidence, boldness and faith into us. Those conditions come to stretch us beyond our natural limits and we become survivors at the end. God is in charge.

Here, Jesus was in the boat, but He looked like He wasn’t part of the incident. The disciples including Jesus were besieged by bad weather condition, there was a life threatening storm, yet Jesus doesn’t seem bothered because He was fast asleep. The disciple had tried to maneuver their way to safety, they’ve done all in their ability to ensure that Jesus wasn’t disturbed. They might have also wished the storm would calm down after a while, but this became more and more aggressive. The storm was willing to perish the ship, and now, only one option is left, call the master to at least do something. And yes, He did something.

But we realised from Jesus’ response that He wasn’t scared to death the way others were. He wasn’t agitated for life or for death. Many would say ‘it is because it is Jesus, He has power.’ The real answer is no. It wasn’t because it was Jesus who’s got all the powers, but truth is Jesus understood that God has a perfect plan for Him and that that was not how His life would end. And so, He had inner peace within to face the situation. He understood that His life was much more precious than losing it to the storm, so, He had confidence to speak thus. Jesus therefore calmed the storm.

If only you realise that God has a master plan for you, you will be more relaxed than you are. Peace comes from an understanding that God’s got you and that nothing can pluck you out if His hands. That situation just looks terrifying, it cannot not overcome you because God is fully in charge of your life. Howbeit, God in His wisdom knows that you may never learn to be strong, if conditions didn’t test your strength. God knows that you may never seek to know more if conditions didn’t question your present state of awareness. God has a master plan and He knows how to execute it. There is not just a way of escape for the believer, there is also a well organised system of guiding the into God’s divine arrangements.

Joseph, promised to be great but went down and down until he discovered that that was God’s way of taking him to the promise. The Israelites wandered and wondered in the wilderness and how that was relevant to the promise land, but at the end, they became an army marching triumphantly into the land of promise. They were fidgety when they left Egypt, but now, they became so valiant. David for many years after being anointed as king was running for his dear life in the hand of one who God had rejected as king, yet waited patiently for the promise. God has a master plan. And He will execute it.

If you’ve not started seeing it, pray to see it. Don’t be discouraged by the present prevalent situation, see the bigger picture. Jesus understood this, he groaned in the garden where he went to pray prayed the cup would pass over but realised that that was God’s master plan and it must be executed. He endured the contradictions of the suffering so that victory can be assured and won. There is victory assured for you. Just stay in the plan. God’s plan never fails and God isn’t planning to fail. Be not afraid, God’s has a plan, a master plan for you. God bless you. It is well with your soul. Amen.

Oliyide Ayotunde.