Psalm 103:2 “Bless the Lord , O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:”

There is a great challenge with the human race and facts remain that it is a common phenomenon with the average human being. Man has a short memory of the good things done to him and has a lasting memory of the evil experienced in life. It is quiet easy for a man to forget easily the good things experienced in life because of a little fault or seeming condition that is not favourable, hence, begins to act in a strange manner as opposed to how good or nice he ought to be.

The Psalmist in the scripture above needed to remind his soul not to forget all the benefits accrued to him through God as he knows that the soul can easily latch on to current difficulties and easily forget past benefits enjoyed. Man after the fall became ungrateful, not just to God but also to fellows. And ingratitude is one of the pitfalls in the life of a man. So, in remembering the benefits of God, we need to bless the Lord. To bless the Lord means, to appreciate the Lord with our life, our substances, and Every thing within our capacity.

The Benefits….

1. Who forgives all our iniquities;

It is amazing how to know the extent of how sin separated us from God and made us an enemy of God. But blessed be God who forgave us all our sins and trespasses and made us His friends again. With sin, one can never be pleasing to God, but God didn’t only forgave us, He is also readily willing to forgive us all our sins. So, it is important for the soul not to forget that He was forgiven of his iniquities because with that assurance and continued remembrance, we can confidently approach God in our prayers knowing fully well that sin is not an obstacle to our prayers to God.

2. ...who heals all our diseases;

One thing sin brought into our lives is death. Death is a reward for sin and one of the ways death encroached man is through sicknesses and diseases. A man sold out to sin is a man plagued with all manners of diseases. When sin entered, death entered, and death came with its mighty army diseases inclusive. So, one benefit our soul must never forget is, even when God is willing to forgive us our sins, He is also willing to heal us from whatever disease we might have invited to our lives through sin and death. Our world is suffering from many sicknesses and diseases because sin still abounds but for a child of God, the Lord heals from all diseases because He is the God, our healer.

3. Who redeems our life from destruction;

This is salvation. Salvation can be related three distinct things which are also connected to themselves.

a. Redemption from destruction
b. Saved from death through a ransom
c. Put in absolute safety and healthy condition.

What God did for man was to redeem us from the clutches of death, save us from our destructive paths and put us in a place of absolute safety. And this is very important for the soul to always remember. If the soul fails to remember this, man will easily become ungrateful forgetting that he was redeemed from death through a ransom paid with the life of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.

4. …who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies;

Having redeemed us to Himself, He crowned us with love and affection. Imagine a well known armed robber was granted bail on your account and you bring him into your house to live with your wife and young kids, and not just that, you made sure he was showered with all the affections not just from you but also from the members of your family. That’s a rare thing right? Exactly. God didn’t just save us from death, redeem us from our destructive path, and put us in a place of absolute safety to allow us wander and wonder why, He went on to crown us with loving kindness and tender mercies. Why? So we can become fully adopted into His family having unrestricted access to the God-head including all the heavenly resources and so we can call “Abba, Father”. Never forget that God loves you and He is willing to pour His love on you without caution.

5. Who satisfies our mouth with good things;

Hallelujah! God chooses to fill your mouth with goodies. This is very important for us to remember all the time that God gives us the ability to rejoice. Our song before was songs of sorrow but now, as the redeemed of the Lord, our mouth have been filled with songs of joy. We who were dead in trespass and sins are now brought back to life through our Lord Jesus Christ. You who were singing the song of condemnation before now sings the song of redemption because of a truth we know that there is no more condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but walk as led by the Spirit.

Friend, every time, every moment, you must keep reminding yourself these five benefits as this becomes your key to eternal joy. This becomes your reset button. When conditions of life weigh you down, press the reset button. When life seems overwhelming, press the reset button. Always remind yourself of the benefits you’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy, and your soul will always magnify the Lord. Bless the Lord oh my soul.

God bless you. Live responsibly.