I had my sent forth into the darkness, into the dark world where no light exist. Holding on in my hand all that have learnt, as a light that guides me straight.

The darkness of it scares me in the eyes. They all had their power and ability to exact it in the dark. The peace in light kept me. But never was I moved by it nature. Oh the fought we had, never allowing me to rule in their world, where they estrange strangers and grant them their subtility.

Was never expecting it to be easy, it was a fight. Bringing that which look like light to me, all was a lie I see as am been guided with light from my within.

As I looked to that light, it shows me the emptiness of what darkness brings to me. Going out of that light I see myself been drawn near and closer to darkness, I perceive the smile in their face.

Waiting to receive me into their world, one thing  they like is people that conform to them, oh light within me, chastise me and gave me a course to path in.

Then do I shine the light and begin to engage the darkness with the light within. Never given in, but just holding forth that word of life and the light of life.