It’s undeniable that everyone is thirsty,
But never to guess what each one,
Each one  thirst for,
Hunger is produced by what drives,
By what drives you in your heart,

Craving lies on the faces of men,
Where what goes on in the heart,
Is known and is reflected in the face,
You could even take the untrue hunger,
The untrue hunger even for the true,

A lot carries the weight of who to follow,
Knowing the truth but hoping to ignore,
It burns both like a fire you can’t deny,
Just like the harvest you will tell at the end,
Yes at the end you’ll tell rightly,

Give me the burn or I decide,
Just any neither do I mind,
What looks impure taken as pure,
But I know of one that is pure and able,
Able to cleanse truly even the word

Go to the street, get they that are hungry,
You know truly by what moves them,
Either this time or that day of Him,
That day of Him that cometh,
And appears as for a sure hope for man,

Herein is the waters but be few that drink,
Largely and enough the increase will not,
The increase will not finish it,
For as they drink as their thirst,
Many be they that turn into Him the Water,

Shine did their eyes from within out,
Shining forth as the light of the Lamb,
For this they drink of the waters of life,
He rejoice as He sees many that drink,
For He is the Living Water even the Lord.