What do you see when you look at things around you?
What do you see when you look at the world that surrounds you?

How you see determines how well you will live and what you see will determine what you’ll get.

I see glory. I see abundance. I see opportunities. I see God working everything out for me. I see CHANGE.

What do you see, failure or success, glory or gory, disappointment or appointment, opportunities or lack of opportunities, abundance or lack….?
What you see is what you will get.

“And one cried to another,… the earth is full of  His GLORY.” Is.6:3.

Until we learn to see the way God sees, we will join the world to complain and complain about the hardship around us when it’s God’s way of promoting you and blessing you. When you see rightly, you’ll act rightly.

Like Abraham was told, as far as you can see, I will give unto you…” God is speaking this to you. What do you see? I see glory. Have a blessed day. God bless you.