I’m sorry o, pls forgive me if I’m wrong…

When I see church at times, I see entertainers.
When I see people in governance, I see deceivers.
When I see Nollyhood, I see mediocres.
When I see the police, I see a legally empowered thief.

BUT in spite of all that is to be seen, I see GOD.

I see the future, white and bright.
In spite of the darkness, I see light.
In spite of the crisis, I see peace.
In spite of the hardship, I see an army arising.
In spite of the unemployment, I see opportunities.
In spite of the drought, I see plenty.
In spite of the chaos, I see tranquility.
In spite of the “fantastically corrupt” society, I see hope.

What I see is who I become.
What you see is what you become.

What do you see?