You can either choose to live your life by the WORLD’S View or by the WORD’S View. That is, your life can be based on the world’s perception for living or based on the what the word of God says.

The world gives pressure, God’s word gives peace.
The world gives sadness & depression, God’s word gives joy and gladness.
The world says retaliate an offense, the Word says repay with Good when offended.
The world preaches hate, the word preaches love.
The world says no one is perfect, the word of God says perfection is attainable.
The world justifies falsehood by creating a supporting law, the word of God stands firmly rooted against sins and evil acts.
The world teaches carnality, God’s word teaches Spirituality.
The world teaches fear, God’s word teaches Faith.

The choice is always ours to make. I therefore counsel you, live by the Word of God. That’s how to live a blessed life. Stay blessed.