At about 3:15pm this afternoon, Mafoluku area of Lagos state was greeted to an explosion from a tanker carrying Kerosene fuel. The details of the fire incident still looks sketchy but we gathered information that the incident which as at time of visit to the place claimed no life but recorded minor injuries and destruction of properties.


Some eye witnesses have it that the tank was engulfed with fire but the tanker driver risked his life to drive it out the location where other tankers are. Some filled with fuel.

It took the joint efforts of locals, FAAN fire department, Nigerian Police, and Lagos state emergency to save the day from further destruction.


Some traders were seen on the scene crying as they claimed to have lost lots of their business properties to the fire explosion. The popular Airport Road was blocked so as to avert further panic and destruction of private cars.

More details later…

Oliyide Ayotunde