John 9:32
Since the world began was it not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind.

Psalm 126:1
When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.

Welcome to today’s edition of Arise with Ayo Oliyide. I must confess that this devotionals have been a blessing to me personally as I am always eager to feed not only you with God’s word but to also enjoy the word of God for myself. So I have promised, even if I am the only one who gets to read this, I’ll keep writing, nonetheless, I know YOU read it as often as you can. So I say, God bless you for stopping by to read.

Let me start today’s devotional by narrating the story of this man. There was a man (say she 30 and above) who was born blind from his mother’s womb. He had never seen, nor has he ever experienced what it means and feels like to see. He was born with a defect from his mother’s womb. He was born limited. He was born a disadvantaged person. He was born into seeming hopelessness. Never has it been recorded anywhere that one born blind ever had a chance of changing such situation. It was a complete hopeless and impossible situation to find oneself in. He had done nothing wrong to deserve it neither had his parents done anything wrong to cause this. It was just (let’s say) an act of God.

Many times, we face situations like this. Many were born into seeming impossible hopeless situation. They were born into hopelessness. They were born limited, limited to their environment, limited by conditions of life, limited by and to location, limited by gruesome circumstances that seems to shatter one’s ability to even dare to dream. Many have done nothing wrong to be where they are and seem powerless to effect anything to change their situation anytime soon. They at many times have resorted to being a permanent victim of such limited life. All they wait for is death to come. And like the marriage vow, they say to the situation, “till death do us part.”

Back to the story….
For years, this man was confined to the same beggarly situation everyday. He hoped for hope but everyday passing made him a little hopeless as his hope has been predestined to fail and to fail because never in the history of life has such been resolved and reversed. Never in history has one born blind been given a first time opportunity to see again, when even the ones who once saw and went blind never had hope of regaining their sight, how much more will one who NEVER saw dare to dream. Well, one day, he met Jesus or better put, Jesus met him.

Let’s pause the story there….
Your life could be messed up from God knows when, your life might have run out of shape for so long. You might have been born with a defeated mentality and all around has suggested a permanence of such circumstance in your life. You might have been born into hopelessness and or into a perpetually limited life, but I say to you, if only you can have an encounter with Jesus, things can and will change. With man, all may seem impossible, but with GOD, nothing shall be impossible. He specialises in turning impossibilities into endless possibilities. If He could create all we see out of nothing with just the words of His mouth, then He can change any situation.

Let’s take the story again….
When on this day Jesus met this man born blind from his mother’s womb. He had thought that day was like every other days when he woke up to prepare to beg for alms as that’s the only way to survive in this harsh world. He had woken up that day with the same feeling of hopelessness and with the expectation of returning home at night feeling depressed again after the day’s labour. He wasn’t expecting a miracle yet had a lot of expectation. He waited all day for alms, not a miracle. Jesus met him and when his disciples analysed the situation, they asked who sinned. The parent or the child? Apparently, none of the above did sin. Jesus tells them that, it was for the Son of God to be glorified in him. Wow! Who would have thought the man’s condition was for glory to be revealed? Who would have thought that all that happened to that man was for God to show himself as God in his life to show the world He can do the impossible? Who would have thought that hopelessness could turn into a miracle worth sharing with the world even after over 2000 years? Yes, it was a miracle, a rare one at that.

Your situation is not the worst, yes, I make bold to say, it is to bring forth God’s glory. You’re not confined to that situation because you sinned or because your parents did sin, no, not true. It is for to show God’s infinite prowess and ability in your life. Why would God choose to punish you just to show Himself as God? Truth is, God’s not punishing you to show Himself as God, He is strengthening you such that you can have a well balanced life. Check out all you’ve gone through, they’ve built stability in you, helped you gain wisdom and helped you become a better person. God wants to bring out glory from your gory situation. He wants to do the impossible with you. He wants to make you an object of discussion from generation to generations.

Lastly, Jesus approached the man with solution to his problem. Jesus offered help out of darkness into light. Jesus offered him an opportunity to see not again but for the first time in his life and to see permanently with the understanding of colours, objects, people, and lots more downloaded to his brain. Isn’t that awesome? Yes, it is. Jesus did not only offer to do the impossible but went ahead to do the unthinkable. The man would be able to see and to understand all things without being afraid.

The Methodolgy….

Jesus speaks….
Jesus spoke to the people around who had questioned God’s justification to have made the man blind having done nothing. He also addressed the justification of the man’s parent and the man’s innocence that might have caused the situation. Jesus also addressed His own stake in the situation and prophesied about Himself. Why did Jesus show us this example? He wants us to know that the first approach to our solution in life is to open ourselves to the word. The word which was made flesh and dwelt among man, we must hear. We must open our ears to hear what He has to say. “Faith is developed by our ability to hear and our ability to hear is developed by the word of God”. Romans 10:17 (My Paraphrase). Jesus is still speaking, hear Him. And when you hear Him, speak what He is speaking.

Jesus spits on the ground….
Disgusting one would have said. No one would allow anyone spit on him not to say spit on the ground and then apply such to his face. Many at times, the solution to our problems and challenges are in our ability to humble ourselves. The sufferings we pass through is to make us humble and readily ready to receive a life long miracle. If the man had his eyes intact, he might have frowned at Jesus for attempting to do that. In fact, in developed society, to spit on the ground is taken for insult. Don’t be quick to see insult in every thing, it could be an opportunity for solution to your challenges.

Made clay of the spittle….
That this gets really messy. Jesus was showing man how he was made. Bible said God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and from the dust God made man, male and female. Jesus was showing man that that was his genesis and that we must not forget that. He also was showing man that God could recreate anything whether it was there before or it was lost. No situation is hopeless with God. Anything can be created at any time. Just trust in Him, he’ll do it. He has done it before, He will do it again.

He anointed his eyes….
Jesus anoints the man’s eyes with the clay showing that man must live by the anointing of the Lord. Anointing means endowed with supernatural power or ability for a task. Jesus wants to anoint you and to make you live the anointed life. The messy situations around you could be God’s way of anointing you for a greater responsibilities in life. The clay soaked with Jesus’ spittle turns into anointing so that the man can see.

Jesus sends him to be washed….
When Jesus anoints you, He is preparing to send you ‘cos in you going to where He sends you will your eyes be opened. Many of us are blind but in going to the place God sent us to we were able to see clearly. Your sight is inherent in the sending of Christ. Siloam means sent. God wants you to become the sent one. God is looking for blind people who He wants their eyes opened but first He must send them and they must go not complaining of their blindness but believing on he who has sent them. And through that, they receive sight.

The man came back seeing….
No one who has yielded to God’s sending who doesn’t see. The opening of eyes of the people is tied to their yielding to God’s sending. The anointing is not the sight, but a preparation to the ability to see. Many thought because they’ve been anointed therefore they can see. No. Not until you go to the place where God has sent you, you cannot see. The man went blind but came back with sight. He didn’t complain of his disadvantaged position but went and came back with a completely new sight.

Like that man, God is ready to give you sight. When the Lord turn the captivity (hopelessness) of Zion, they thought it was a fiery tale. They thought they were on dream land. When God steps in, you may not believe who you will become after He is done with you. He wants to completely turn around your life. He just need your attention. He needs you. He wants to speak to you, teach you humility, anoint you with messy situations, and send you, and by that, you’ll receive your ability to see.

And like John and other Apostles, we can say, “That which was from the beginning, which we have HEARD, which we have SEEN with our eyes, which we have LOOKED upon, and our HANDS have HANDLED, of the Word of life;” Then we can declare. God bless you for this time shared. Enjoy the rest of the week.

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