Genesis 15:1 KJV
After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

Happy Easter. Never forget that Jesus Christ is the essence of the Easter celebration. It’s a time to remember and reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His sacrifice for you and I marked the beginning of salvation for all and consequently, if we believe to the end, we not turning back because of unbelief unto perdition, we will believe until our soul  is perfectly saved which marks the end of our salvation. I pray that we all will be perfectly saved, even till the coming of Jesus Christ.

In today’s devotional, the scripture in focus started by saying, “afterwards….” This shows that many things had happened. God had subjected Abraham to lots of test to ensure that truly he has faith in Him. Consequently, Abraham passed. And so, God would come to assure him by telling him how far He is willing to bless and to be with him.

You might have gone through so much challenges in life, you need to hold on in faith. Keep holding on, don’t quit. The challenges of life can seem very overwhelming at times and it may seem as if God is not there with you, if only you can pull through in faith, God is going to show up to reassure you of His covenant with you. He has promised that He will never forsake nor leave you. And of a truth, He has sworn with Himself. He is God, He cannot lie.

The first word of assurance from God to Abraham and also to you is “FEAR NOT”. Many times, the things we go through are so scary that we are usually filled with fear and this fear usually make us feel like turning back. The word of God to you today is Fear not. Don’t be afraid. FEAR is said to be an acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” It’s like a mirage. One thing the devil likes to sow into our lives and thoughts is fear. He knows we can’t make quality decisions in fear. People fail in life not because they lack what it takes to succeed, but because they allowed fear to weigh them down. In fear, we lose our ability to think straight. Fear weakens us, takes away our natural abilities. And that’s why scripture says, “God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and of sound mind.” That’s what God desires from us. So He says, Fear Not.

Secondly, He tells us the reason why we should not fear, He says, “I am your shield….” Imagine God being our shield. A shield is a very important instrument of war used to cover oneself from imminent and or perceived danger. The shield is exposed to the danger we ought to be exposed to. God is our defence. He is our shield, covering us from all manners of attack. He will shield us from the fiery darts of the enemies and cover us from arrows targeted against us. One thing about the shield is, you must hold it close enough. Truth is, we must not for a moment leave our shield behind. It must always be held close to us so it can perform it’s protective function. It must also be held tightly and firmly. In the same vein, we must learn to hold on to God closely. We must not at any time be far from God’s covering. And not just that, we must hold Him so tightly and firmly. We must not be found loosely guarded. God is our shield.

Lastly, God says to us as revealed from what He said to Abraham, “I am your exceeding reward.” Wow! Your reward is God. Many would have thought it would be easier to say our reward is money, cars, houses, and so many things but God says here that our reward is He Himself. Looking closely at this, we find out that every other thing will perish with the using but God does not perish, God is eternal. So, God says I am your reward. Through God we can have every other thing. Through God, everything answers to us. If God created the universe by the words of His mouth, then we can be guaranteed of the best of life if we commit ourselves to Him indeed. Like David said, “the Lord is my portion in the Land of the living,” I also like you to see God as your reward and inheritance.

In conclusion, you have gone through so many challenges which are God’s way of testing your allegiance. God is testing your faith to see on whose side you belong. Are you God’s or against God? If you’re God’s, then be assured that God is with you. He says to you fear not, for I am your shield and your exceeding reward. That’s true. God cares so much about you. Yes, He does. He said, “I know the thoughts I have towards you, they are thought of peace, never evil thoughts. It is to bring you into an expected end.” God thinks of you and His thoughts for you are thoughts of peace.

God bless you and sustain you. I hope you’ve been greatly inspired to press on in life. If by any reason you like to ask one or two questions, write me through or call 07036014015.