I find myself saying this word to a friend and I noted that prophecy for one is prophecy for all. Please read and be blessed.

You’re very much in His plans and He is always ready to lead you thru the dark paths. Stay strong in faith, don’t look at the surrounds to determine how much He cares and loves you. As you go farther, you will realise that He’s been the one bearing you on His hands and you’ll be amazed the distance you’ve covered.

He will lead you right into your inheritance and cause you to dwell in safety. He will comfort you and make lie down beside the still water. He will strengthen you in areas where you’ve lost confidence. He will regenerate your mind and thought and make you wise. You will rejoice in his name and in his help. His hand will help you thru difficult times and situations.

You will be naturally creative and the breathe of God will be strong upon you. You will run not as mere man but by the help of the Spirit. You will walk in victory bearing the banner of the Lord of Host. In love, you’ll conquer hate. In love, you’ll deal with every tongue that speak reproach. He will teach you to love beyond your ability. He will redesign your mind to accommodate people and their perceived foolishness. You will be like a stream from which people find solace and comfort. You will be like a shade under which people take their shades. You will be blessed above your mental capacity and the Lord shall make you a tool to judge wickedness. You will look back to this day and say the Lord has helped me greatly. Shallom.