When we look into what God intends to do with us, we will realise that God is not just trying to renovate/repair us, He is forming a new man in us. And that’s what we need to focus on.

We need to let go of past disappointments, failures, awkward moments, hence, we need to concentrate on the new creature formed in and with us, thereby ensuring to feed ourselves as new born babes with the sincere unadulterated milk of the gospel.

And when it does look like we have started growing, we need to be desirous of strong meat so that when we ought to be teachers, we are no more babes needing to be spoonfed again thereby frustrating the workings of God in us.

Yet in all these, we must remain meek enough so we can receive the engrafted word of righteousness with meekness, knowing fully well that it is able to save our soul.

See Christ. See the hope. Christ in me, the Hope of Glory. See Glory.