If you can’t believe that God can give you Ten Naira, it may be difficult to believe God can give you 1 million Naira.

If believing God for healing when you have headache is difficult, then it will be almost impossible for to believe God when faced with chronic malaria.

With faith as little as the mustard seed, the mountains can be moved. All we need do is exercise our faith into actions and that’s why James said, faith without action(works) is dead.

Faith is actively declaring the word of God concerning any situation and believing that it has been settled. God is not the last resort, He should be the point of first call.

It takes a process to build up ourselves in faith. Faith grows as we keep hearing the word of God and we are built up in the faith as we pray in the Holy Ghost.

The just shall live by faith. Be faith-full not fate-fooled. Live by faith. iBelieve.