The Lord of the harvest
We need to know and sense
Sense when men are ripe
We miss a lot of them
Come send us to them
Many times we can’t perceive
Perceive them and what to do
We even talk carelessly
Some lands are dry
Dry and in need of waters
Some land need the salt
Go salt the earth with thy salt
Obey the living water in your belly(spirit)
One word can bring them
One word can save a soul
The strategy is to follow
Follow the living water
And if you look well
Some wells of men are in need
In need of waters of life
Life is absence in our world today
Everything is almost looking right
Right to destroy men
Man is going to one way
All following, not seeing
Seeing the very man in front
He guides them all
All to destruction
Sited we are with our lives
When men are led to darkness
Almost as though there is no hope
Hope to bring them all back
Back they turn their face from the Lord
Hating His name among men
Men loved darkness for it is sweet
Sweet it is to kill
Man prefer to die for what
For what gives him topmost pleasure
But all against the Lord
Lead them not on you!
That should be our bold word
Even when it means death
Death in physical, yes!
To face him with no fear
Looking back will he
When we speak such word
He knows authority too
But you must have won
Won in the prayers and the word
Knowing your stand
Boldly you look with no fear
No fear of death
So will he see such in your eyes
It’s time for labourers to arise
Arise indeed and indeed
Darkness invade the earth
Little light shines
Rejoice not cause you still have light
Respond to the call of men
Men in the darkness
Bring them all
All to the Lord of harvest.